Mama & Baby, Swimming Free!

Via on Feb 21, 2014


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Although technology can sometimes be an evil vice that dominates our lives, it can also be a means to capturing (and sharing) beautiful moments, we never would have seen other wise.

Today, I had the pleasure of viewing this awesome clip of a mama whale and her calf, swimming happily and freely in their home—the ocean. The following words formed in mind after I watched the video:

Mama and baby, swimming free

Is this not the way things should be?

Families united, together at sea

Frolicking happily, fluking with glee.

Mama and baby, side by side

Siblings and cousins, swimming in stride

Families together, freely may roam

Deep in the ocean, the place they call home.

A peaceful existence, while swimming free

Is this not the way things should be?

The aerial footage was captured by a camera mounted on a drone, and it is incredible. Please take two minutes to witness this beautiful scene.


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