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on Feb 28, 2008
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It might sound like the ultimate yuppie ecostravagance, but the fact is most all dog beds are big, and made out of lots of offgassing crap. Not good for our planet. So we went online and found these. But man, are those pricey! So we said to ourselves, self, why not use a zabuton?


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  2. admin says:

    Kate Casavecchia Crisp at 7:38am November 9
    my dog very much enjoys meditating on a stack of zabutons.

  3. Lisa says:

    I have to admit when I saw this I thought to myself…this might be a good option. Then I went to the zabuton site to see, “Why not?” and discovered some important differences. I compared a Bella Dogga small dog bed with their zippered zabuton…everyone wants their dog bed cover to be removeable. The zabuton cover is made with conventional cotton, our dog bed covers are made with organic cotton sateens, denim and twills. The zabuton is stuffed with conventional cotton batting (not appropriate for dog beds because it absorbs moisture and odors), our dog beds are stuffed with naturally-organic kapok (naturally moisture and odor repellent). The price of the zabuton does not include shipping, our dog beds do. Since the zabuton is not organic at all, it’s filled with “lots of offgrassing crap,” Bella Dogga dog beds are not. Plus our dog beds win on style points…lots of print options with coordinating organic cotton piping available in four shapes and three sizes. We handcraft each bed to order with each customer’s individual pup in mind. I rest my case :). If you’d like to learn more visit us at

  4. Jackson says:

    Dogs are not as picky as their guardians expect them to be. Get a second-hand or organic pillow. Our dog bed (for three full-grown labrador retrievers) is a second-hand half-futon mattress.