ele:REVIEW – Yoghund Doggy Yogurt

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on Mar 24, 2008
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Dog Heaven > via Redford “Poopy” Lewis

Hi, I’m Redford. You can call me “Red.” I’m half Red Tick Hound, half Pointer (we think). Originally from Oxford, Mississippi, I was rescued from the Humane Society (did you know eight million dogs and cats are killed each year in the U.S. alone ‘cause too many folks buy from pet chains?) My buddy buys me mostly-organic wet and dry dog food, gives me filtered water and Planet Dog toys and hemp plush collars. But when he gave me organic frozen yogurt, I thought he was going overboard. But in flavors like peanut butter and banana, it’s healthy and practical-easy to take along on bike rides. > VIA REDFORD “POOPY” LEWIS


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3 Responses to “ele:REVIEW – Yoghund Doggy Yogurt”

  1. Bella says:

    my name is bella and i like to sniff butts, chase balls, lay in the sun and eat. Mom gives me her bowl to lick every morning when she’s done with her yogurt, but this looks over the top amazing. Only in Boulder! Way better than the bahama’s where i came from…xoxoxolick lickxoxoxo

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