No Tibetan Left Behind

Via Todd Mayville
on Apr 22, 2008
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Today’s report from the BBC only strengthens my resolve to boycott Chinese goods. It is disappointing to see so many governments and businesses are going so far out of their way to “soothe” China and make sure feelings don’t get hurt. Quite frankly the quest for the dollar over the quest for simple human dignity has always been a bit of a sore point in my life. For as much as our industries claim to “need” China and its markets, China “needs” our markets just as much… it would be an interesting event if suddenly the Chinese found themselves having to keep their goods because no one wanted them until they cleaned up their act.

Not surprisingly, President Bush feels that it’s okay to head to China for the opening ceremonies… why shouldn’t he? It’s not like his regard for civil liberties and human rights is that far above those of President Jintao, and these recent “educational” events seem right up his alley.

In other news, has anyone noticed the irony that in spite of being told to not talk with Hamas, former President Jimmy Carter seems to have gotten further towards peace in the region than any president, past or current, including himself? Granted, Hamas so far still refuses to recognize the right of Israel to exist, which is a major sticking point in U.S. foreign policy in the region, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carter somehow able to negotiate much closer to that as well. Go Jimmy!


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