May 29, 2008

We Bet You Never Knew Bees Were So Vital to Our Ecosystem. Now They’re Disappearing

>> Honey has well-established antioxidant & antimicrobial effects, used to heal wounds for thousands of years, & is one of the richest sources of healing enzymes. 

>> Bee pollen is approx 40% protein—and one of the most nutritionally complete substances found on earth.

>> Propolis contains antibiotic & antifungal properties, stimulating the formation of antibodies that build the body’s resistance to many diseases. 

>> Half your diet is derived from crops pollinated by bees.

>> A ‘99 Cornell University study concluded that honey-bee pollination contribution to U.S. agriculture is…$14.6 billion a year!

>> 1,600 commercial beekeeping operations in the United States produce 60% of our honey. 

>> In the winter of ’06-’07, more than 25% of 25 million bee colonies were wiped out by C.C.D. That’s tens of billions of bees. 

>> For more: Get a low-maintenance hive in your own backyard and help stabilize our bee population: backyardhive.com, beeguardian.org, foodfirst.org


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Read 3 comments and reply

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