US Congress Debate: Jared Polis, Will Shafroth & Joan Fitz-Gerald @ historic Boulder Theater, w/Waylon Lewis of elephant journal.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on May 31, 2008
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US Congress Debate at Boulder Theater.

elevision – US Congress Debate from eleVISION Boulder on Vimeo.


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10 Responses to “US Congress Debate: Jared Polis, Will Shafroth & Joan Fitz-Gerald @ historic Boulder Theater, w/Waylon Lewis of elephant journal.”

  1. Waylon Lewis says:

    Three strong, right-minded candidates willing to dedicate their energies to public service. I’d gladly vote for Joan, who has the only experience dealing with the vast gray area of real politics. I’d gladly vote for Will, who it’s been a real pleasure to get to know in three interviews, now (one other with Jared). And I’d gladly vote for Jared, who’s a talented, powerful, fast-moving young man who represents much of the best of Boulder, and whom I’ve known and liked for years.

    The only point of differentiation I could find in this brief debate? Jared was willing to answer a tough, politically-dicey yet simple question. [at 25 minutes in]. The other two weren’t.

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  10. Brett Arceo says:

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