June 25, 2008

As seen on elevision: ChicoBag @ LOHAS

First video out of 55 interviews in 2.5 days at LOHAS conference: is here.

It looks simple, modest, ordinary…but it’s probably my favorite product since my clock, which manages to wake me up sooothingly yet insistently each morning so I can go out and…sell ads! Edit articles! Clean our bathroom! Distribute our magazine! Drink small cappuccinos at my favorite artiste cafe and my favorite Buddhistish cafe or my favorite hipster cafe!

Where was I. Oh, yes: the ChicoBag is the answer to “Paper or Plastic?” Neither. It’s a lightweight bag that can hold 25 pounds (a gallon of milk is like 7 pounds, yo) that folds into itself can can be clipped to your bikerack or inside of purse or, if you’re Batman, your belt (others are advised to keep it off belt, particularly if you’re in jr. high). I’ve clipped it to my bikerack, where it cushions the bike if it falls, sticks colorfully out as a subtle warning against traffic, and can be unfurled whenever I’m shopping local and organic.

Check Alex’s video.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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