June 15, 2008

ele: REVIEW – Black & Decker’s Electric Lawnmower

Green Lawn (mower) > via Waylon Lewis

The only thing worse than kajillions of miles of verdant water-dependent useless green grassy lawns is mowing ‘em with gas-guzzling greenhouse gas/asthma inducing noisy lawnmowers. So if yer gonna have your lawn on life support (we suggest you “xeriscape” it, as we’re doing at Hotelephant), at least use a money-saving, noiseless, zero emissions electric mower. This one is cordless, mulching, height-adjustable, gets the green thumbs up from Consumer Reports, causes less than 1% of the pollution of a conventional mower, won’t break down all the time and will result in more cash in your English Retreads wallet.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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