ele: REVIEW – Kookie Karma & Immaculate Baking Co.

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on Jun 6, 2008
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Cookie Rookie > via Waylon Lewis

The best cookie is the homemade one. The satisfaction, the warmth and knowledge of the ingredients used—you can’t beat it with a whisk. But if, like me, your idea of baking is making pancakes, then you’ll love Immaculate’s frozen cookies. I ate half of ‘em, frozen, straight out of the box. Proceeds go to charity. Still, the best cookie I’ve ever had health and yumminess-wise, ever, is Kookie Karma. If they created a subscription service, whereby you could get a box of ‘em a month, I’d sign up. These raw delights are one of my favorite reviewed products in six years of sampling.


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3 Responses to “ele: REVIEW – Kookie Karma & Immaculate Baking Co.”

  1. Pam says:

    I’ve had better the vanilla taste like fish! The don’t donate proceeds to charity it all goes into their pockets. I tried to get info on how to donate to Folk Art Foundation & they couldn’t give me a straight answer I don’t think it even exist it’s just a ploy to get you to think they are this great company!

  2. Kellie Davis says:

    My husband and I also thought the sugar cookies tasted like fish!! He ate them first and waited for me to say something. I thought I was crazy but when he mentioned it I agreed!! After storing them overnight we smelled them in the container and they even smelled like fish.

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