June 3, 2008

ele:REVIEW – Pet Promise Dog & Cat Food

Dogs and Cats Agree > via Redford “Trouble” Lewis

Ruff, ruff, yo. I’m Redford, your friendly local eco-mutt. I wear Planet Dog hemp collars, sport a yogi-bling Bali Mala’s mala around my neck, chew local bones from my farmers’ market, my “master” even cleans up my poo with biodegradable bags…and I eat Pet Promise, the greenest thing this side of free-range roadkill. Read about all those dogs dyin’ from nasty antibiotic-laden “food” from…grrrr…Red China? Pet Promise will keep your dogs n’cats safe—they “let byproducts be bygones.” So promise your pet you’ll feed ‘em…Pet Promise!

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Read 9 comments and reply

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