Richard Freeman: The Future of Yoga

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Richard Freeman: The Future of Yoga

elevision – Richard Freeman: The Future of Yoga from alex king on Vimeo.

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28 Responses to “Richard Freeman: The Future of Yoga”

  1. yogasanas says:

    Richard is, as usual, superb. The interviewer is a fool, a dolt, disrespectful and mostly not funny. Several times he cut RF off in mid-statement. Next time take the Ritalin before you embark on a public interview. RF gets 5 stars, host gets 0 stars, average is 3.

    • go here says:

      In the modern world, where all people turn to the vintage old secrets for keeping themselves fit and healthy, yoga has an important place. It is said that yogis from the Himalayas had lived over a thousand years due to their vigorous health care through yoga that targets the mind too.

  2. Waylon "Dolt" Lewis says:

    I actually think Waylon is amazing. The nerve to jump in mid-sentence? It’s called a conversation. Elevision isn’t about lectures or monologues, however wonderful the guests. While I may be “mostly not funny,” it’s my job to ride the line between keeping things entertaining (so that the masses might engage with Richard’s message) while retaining space for good content. It’s a job I obviously fail at, and I thank Richard (if not yourself, Mr. Ritalin-prescriber) for his patience with my inexperience.

  3. admin says:

    You know who I think is an amazing host? Oprah. Jon Stewart. I'm an amateur—that's why my rough edges scratch and itch folks such as yourself so much.

    On your other point, however, I'm guilty as charged. I am trying to get famous, and use that fame to get the good word out on the mindful life. The world needs environmental-responsibility. The world needs meditation. I'm farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from perfect, of course, but I do think a lot of the folks who contribute to elephant have a lot to offer, so yeah I am trying to make a big forum that can really have a big, hopefully helpful effect. I am trying to grow up, too, without much success.

    Thanks for taking the time, Philip.

  4. phillip rich says:

    We all know that you think you are amazing. It’s no secret that your entire magazine and your interviews, this one is a great example, of how it’s really all about you. You are using yoga and spirituality for your own personal gain and you obviously haven’t got the first clue about any of it. I think it’s pretty arrogant, not to mention deluded, that you think anything you added to that interview with Richard makes it more engaging to “the masses”. Finally, your idea of humor reminds me of the high-school lunch room. Grow up

  5. tyler messick says:

    fine job. don’t worry about it.

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  7. revans says:

    I am not an asthanga yoga student but have heard Richard Freeman’s audio cd set titled “The Yoga Matrix”. I came across this interview to learn more about Richards views on the state of yoga in the present day. I found it quite frustrating to listen to this interview because of the constant interruptions by interviewer. I wasted a lot of time to try to glean what I could from this video. I think if Mr. Waylon were to pursue a career in stand-up comedy instead trying to work his routine into a serious interview we would all be better off. Although he might get a strong dose of reality when the audience heckles him off the stage. Stop waisting our time with the needless interruptions and the not-funny jokes. Watch Charlie Rose or listen to Terry Gross’s “Fresh Air” for inspiration not the “Daily Show” (I love the Daily Show but you ain’t it). Interview 0 stars, Richard 5 stars I think but I am not sure because it was hard to understand him because he kept getting interrupted. I guess 2.5 stars total.

  8. admin says:

    First of all, revans, thank you. I too am irritated by my own interruptions when I try and check out various videos. That said, let me make a few points.

    I’ve listened to Richard’s masterful, in-depth Yoga Matrix as well. You and I are among the very, very few who have. Richard’s depth of knowledge—and understanding—is what makes him so amazing. What takes him over the top, however, is the lightness, the humor with which he teaches. I’d advise you learn from his example, and try and breathe in and out consecutively instead of tearing folks apart. You jerk.

    Second of all, my mission is to get Richard and other quality ladies and gentlemen out to millions. Not hundreds, or even thousands. Not just the choir. Humor is key to that. The fact that I have plenty of rough edges is plain. Jon Stewart toiled as a (successful) comedian for decades before having any impact on the national conscience. When preparation and opportunity meet, as the saying goes, I aim to be ready.

    Thirdly, while the subject of our conversation is the Future of Yoga, it is just that: a conversation. Not an interview. I have watched Charlie Rose, thank you very much, and Terry Gross and Mr. Rose both are very large presences in their ‘interviews.’ It is not my aim to be distant, removed, sterile or egoless. It’s my aim to be engaging, fun, humble (in that I’m willing to ask dumb questions) and idiotic (in that I’m willing to keep it fun, if that’s what will keep the audience engaged).

    I’d love to keep going, but finally I’d encourage you to post harsh criticism with your name attached. You’ll find your tone change: you’ll actually be more personal, more fair, more gentle, and less Hannityish. Goodnight, sir, and good luck–


    Waylon Lewis.

  9. Waylon,
    You are awesome, and what you do is incredible. Thanks for producing what has become my favorite “TV” show and making these beautiful people and ideas accessible to all of us. I actually think you are Jon Stewartesque, and speaking as a long time practitioner of ashtanga yoga and as some one who has listened to Yoga Matrix at least a dozen times I totally dig your buddhi!

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  18. Birgit says:

    Oh the interviewer is really quite terrible and makes this almost unwatchable. He repeatedly stalls the flow and doesn’t remotely facilitate a dialogue but instead deadens the whole interview. Here you have Richard Freeman and you don’t make the most of him! I feel so disappointed and irritated. Mindfulness.. where was the interviewer’s?

  19. Dan says:

    This is a great interview. The detractors did not listen to the message, or Richard Freeman’s self deprecating style. The point, as I heard it, is that yoga will survive, because it is not about attachment to external forms or gurus. Let it go. Richard is not a God, nor is Yoga some sort of thing that should be placed on a pedestal. It is the exact opposite, and is developed via personal practice, experience and observation, not one based on memorization, mimicking, idolatry, or some sort of belief in a Right and Wrong, Good and Bad. To make those judgments is an act of Ego, not humility, and is a continuation of the external pursuit of seeking someone out to provide The Answer. The are 7 billion people on the planet. If anything is true, it is that there is No Right Answer.

  20. elle says:

    …the idiots masters have to endure…..

  21. elle says:

    oh and you should try to slip the word corepower in more often …. (not) ….when you are as uninformed as you are the best approach is humility and good manners. Don't try to be clever in the presence of a master – it emphasizes your foolishness. We are all fools compared to RF.. but respect and good manners at least reflects awareness.

  22. elle says:

    ok I don't know why i was holding back… fortunately for asses you are not an ass
    but the ass of an ass and that is even unfortunate for the ass whose ass you are.

    ass- [noun] a pompous fool

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