Summer Rayne Oakes: Ecofashion & ‘Green Collar’ Jobs.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Jun 27, 2008
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Summer Rayne Oakes—the ecomodel who was featured in a two page spread in Vanity Fair as a leader in turning the world green—with elephant journal’s founder, Waylon Lewis, at LOHAS 2008, in Boulder, Colorado.


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17 Responses to “Summer Rayne Oakes: Ecofashion & ‘Green Collar’ Jobs.”

  1. Anna says:

    I thought that last bit was the most communicative portion of that whole interview.
    It makes sense, it is not about the one person talking about themselves and what they do but more about the collective and having that one person (or many people) inspiring and educating people to go do their own things, whatever that may be.
    I like to call it being an active member of the global cultural movement for a sustainable future….and Summer is pretty cool too ;P

  2. Congressman Chris Shays who is on the board of advisors at the Planet Green channel
    has launched a Green Jobs program in SouthWestern Connecticut with

  3. Lawrence says:

    You can tell she is really fun, enlightened, and down-to-earth. Great point about the “media, conferences of today cannot look like those of tomorrow.”

  4. Andrew L says:

    Great interview. I'm glad to see she is looking outside the normal outlets of "green" to push the issue

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  6. Ted Gibbons says:

    Simple well put. And simply well put together!
    Okay, that was so juvenile of me to do, but hey!

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  8. Lucy Esquire says:


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