Hipster bike mother lode & Mountain Sun feast.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 1, 2008
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I’m just back from dinner, where my brau David Rogers, my main man and one of my main business advisors, talked me through the aftermath of a difficult day on the job. Where’d we meet? Mountain Sun, of course—whenever I’m down and out I head to the Sun, my favorite comfort food n’coversation joint since ’99 (when I moved back to Boulder from Boston via Barnet).

Mountain Sun, Southern Sun and its new Denver location all boast awesome local beer (including the best hoppy beer ever, “Kind”), wholesome and sometimes natural and always affordable (in Boulder, who knew?!) food (with great vegetarian options), and lots of folks you know. It’s Boulder’s “Cheers”—where everyone knows your name—and where a half order of nachos is just about too much for me, and I weigh in at 190 pounds of joy.

My brau David is the same feller with whom I share an Indiana-Jones-like obsessive search for the ultimate commuter bike…a search that has bore fruit but not yet that perfect combination of style, value, comfort, details (chainguard, fenders, comfortable riding position, lightweight). Today he emailed me a discovery…a web site full of gorgeous bike gear. If you’re a daily bike commuter, the reading of this blog will wind up costing you hundreds of hard-earned, well-spent bucks.


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