August 11, 2008

Green Gifts: Tote your Whole Paycheck to Whole Foods. [lol]

Well, maybe it ain’t quite laugh-out-loud [lol], but it’s close. Tote this er…tote to Whole Foods, and count the funny expressions and icebreakin’ conversations you inspire. Thing is, I think WFM is actually worth it—or at least organics/fair-trade are, generally. As a former board member of the now-defunct truly-local little Boulder Co-op, it’s only when the good folks at WFM place conventional produce below signs touting the importance of ‘LOCAL’ that I get irked. Overall, as an eco-minded consumer, I give credit where credit is due: WFM showed America (and Wall St.) that doing well could be good business—and it’s made 100s of small local eco companies available to the hungry green masses.

Bottom line: it’s old news by now, but actually using this bag, or one like it, is the best answer to that classic koan: “Paper or plastic?” Get it? Got it. 

Still an ecobachelor, don’t know how to cook, therefore aren’t buying much more than Ben & Jerry’s and chips and veggie chili? Get this. Got it? 

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Read 10 comments and reply

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