August 6, 2008

Our Spicy Eco Chai Buddy: Brook Eddy’s Bhakti Chai is a Hit.

“Bhakti” is Sanskrit for “devotion,” never a luke-warm feeling. So it’s fitting that Brook Eddy’s Bhakti Chai comes from the Masala lineage, which means it’s full of fiery spices (ginger, cardomom, clove and black pepper) along with the traditional milky sweetness. The company itself is devoted to low environmental impact, brewing organic, fair-trade black tea from India and packaging everything in glass containers (which means they’re re-usable and easily recyclable, and won’t add to the island of plastic currently floating in the Pacific Ocean). Find a café or store that carries Bhakti near you, sit back, and drink up (slowly at first, so the spices don’t singe your tongue).

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Read 23 comments and reply

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