Waylon Lewis of elephant journal: green business titan, Paul Hawken [video]

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Aug 19, 2008
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Why is Paul Hawken Optimistic about our Future?

Bill Clinton dubbed Paul Hawken’s book Natural Capitalism one of the ten most important books in the world. It also inspired Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, to turn his entire business around and go green. Waylon lured Paul into one of Boulder’s many leafy, natural spots to discuss everything from hard nose business to the possibility of hope in a bleak environmental landscape.

One week after interviewing Dr. Deepak Chopra for the first of two times, I met with Paul Hawken, a green business leader, about why he holds out a realistic hope for the future of our human species (and all those other species).


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7 Responses to “Waylon Lewis of elephant journal: green business titan, Paul Hawken [video]”

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  2. […] And his last name was Hawken. As in son of…Paul Hawken. I laughed, and told him to be sure to not view my conversation with Hawken, where I mentioned looking forward to meeting Paul’s model/green mover/shaker […]

  3. Fman says:

    His work feels like the continuation of “The Great Turning”. The practical answers to the question

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  5. James Hanusa says:

    Great interview. Paul is a massive influence in the world. I liked the aspects of this talk that focused on radical hope and mass intention. The insight on the “once you knew” is so true, it will be great once civilization comes to this new consciousness.

  6. Fman says:

    Totally agreed.
    I think people know what needs doing but we lack the organization(s) to do it. We can say to buy local but we dont have the infrastructure or political capital in most places to get it done. I think local co-ops for energy and food are a logical first step. People buy shares at some nominal rate and are allowed to share and vote online regarding its operations. Decentralizing will take work but be worthwhile and its the only logical way to side step this globalism bull****.

    Is there an alliance of grassroots energy coops in the USA and Canada? If not..then why not?

    Holla back on this board to bounce ideas and take action.


  7. Jackie says:

    I but definitely believe in Co-ops, first became acquainted with them back in the 1980s and they were truly a lifesaver to many back then, what do you think they would do today, hard to tell but I think they would become big business for each community they were involved in, helping people to get up and out and see what really can be done, thanks bunches.

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