August 19, 2008

Sex! Got your attention? Okay, time for (Partner) Yoga class. Or…Shambhala Training Level I.

From New York Magazine, this article represents a typically American attitude. Take, well, anything…just add sex: “Though many people attribute yoga’s increased popularity to renewed interest in spiritual enlightenment, some have discovered a much simpler benefit: better sex. About a month ago, my husband, Jake, began taking classes at Jivamukti and coming home with glowing descriptions of the yoga hotties with perfect posture and cameltoe. My jealousy button pushed, I decided to go with him. After half a dozen classes, I noticed that my downward-facing dog was helping my doggie. My pelvic region felt more sensitive, and my orgasms felt more intense. Even better, Jake’s penis was looking more humongous than usual. Suddenly, I no longer had trouble getting motivated for class.

Jennifer Langheld, 30, a co-producer of a new video series called “Better Sex Through Yoga,” didn’t always have great sex…”

Want more? Try this video, from Sprig.com.

Or there’s this Yoga/Sex Positions gem…with that other American obsession, the Top Ten List! 

Want some bedtime pillow reading? Come here, and be sure to check out the “Customers Who Bought this Item Also Bought” list.

Can’t get enough yoga + sex? Maybe you need a cold shower…or a Shambhala Training Level One weekend, where you’ll learn to work with your mind, instead of following every thought (or yogi/yogini) that crosses your path.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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