September 24, 2008

Conscious Consumerism Considered

I’d love to go buy 7 different colors of OM t-shirts made from organic cotton and wear a different one every day. I crave food from exotic locals (goji berries) and I need healing herbs only found across the globe. All the music coming from my speakers is made from the most spiritually advanced people praising only the highest dieties…straight from temples deep in the Himalayas. And if it’s made locally, I’ll take two. All this is conscious consumerism. I’m buying from sustainable and local companies with solid ethics and morals.

But we should take a deeper look. The heart of conscious consumerism is in consuming less. By being conscious of our materialistic desires as they arise, we should make sure we really need what we want.

Sure, om t-shirts are great, but I already have plently of cotton in my closet. It may not be organic cotton, but it’s already in my possession. And while the gurus of the world make the most exquisite music, most of the local musicians’ third eyes are open wider than mine.

Just a friendly reminder to shop the local farmer’s markets before buying imported goods, re-use our grocery bags (even the little plastic bags for bulk goods), go see Muse of Turiya next time they play (making sure we take the opportunity to DANCE!), use what we’ve got before getting more, and share with our neighbors. To be sustainable, we need to start giving more than we’re taking, and we need to gather our energies together to celebrate life. !!!! NAMASTE! Go out and give smiles and hugs and joy!

Only a few more months of farmer’s markets left in Colorado…get out while you can!

No need to search far away for the dharma. The local Shambhala Center’s got a shrine room for meditation.

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