September 29, 2008

Eco Guy Crush #9: Adrian Grenier [Alter Eco, Solar Home, Teenage Paparazzi]

Ok. This one is, like, sooo obvious. (That’s my attempt to get into character as a gushing celebrity-obsessed blogger.)

But actually, the more I look into Adrian Grenier’s background and work, the more I realize that beyond his sexy scruff and dark, brooding eyes, this guy’s living with integrity, pursuing worthwhile causes and having a good time while doing so.

Adrian Grenier, why do I have a crush on thee? Let me count the reasons, from eco insulation to sparkly blue spandex… 

1. He made his directorial debut in ‘99, with a documentary called “Shot in the Dark,” about searching for, and finding his biological father. In an interview about the film he says, “Don’t let the missteps of your parents hold you down. Don’t let their mistakes make you bitter. We can all be victims if we choose to; we can all find a reason, if we want, to divert the responsibility of our lives to others.” His latest project, Teenage Paparazzi, is about celebrities and their relationships with the paparazzi.

2. His show on Planet Green, Alter Eco, helps everyday folk go green…and in the process helps add sex appeal and celeb-cred to “going green.” I don’t have a TV, so check out Waylon’s review of the show

3. Back in March, he joined the Do Not Mail Campaign against junk mail. Quoth he, “Junk mail is more than an annoying waste of time, it’s a waste of our environment.”

4. Adrian insulated his Brooklyn home with recycled denim and installed solar panels on the roof. Even better, when the story broke on Brownstoner and a host of nasty comments from pretentious New Yorkers ensued, Adrian himself (or at least someone pretending to be him…really, who can tell?) signed onto the site and posted the following comment: “I do NOT approve any prior messages on this post. Sorry if you don’t like the look of my renovation, but energy independence is too important to me to worry about whether this meets your aesthetic approval. You should all think hard about how you impact the environment yourselves before you judge me.”

Have your own reasons for crushing on Grenier? Or a tip for our next eco crush? Post ‘em below.


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