September 12, 2008

Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis.

It’s confirmed! Yoga does indeed help those with Multiple Sclerosis, an inflammatory disease of the Central Nervous System that my Mom has had since 1994. She called me yesterday with the news. At her doctor’s appointment, she had a normal neurological brain exam, and the doctor said she’s doing the best she has in the past 14 years.  We are blessed that my Mom is one of the fortunate ones that she doesn’t have as many outward signs as others, and can do an asana practice. Sweetly inspired by my practice, she wanted to give her own a try and has been practicing for close to a year and is already seeing these improvements to her health. Click here for a good article on helping those in the various stages of M.S. through yoga.

With special thanks to my Mom’s incredible Anusara-inspired teacher, Felicity Kelly, of Yoga Connect in Cumberland, RI.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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