October 2, 2008

How to find the Right Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten, Parrot or Hamster for You.

You can help Prevent our Annual Animal Holocaust.

Looking for a specific breed? Rescue your new best friend via Petfinder.com

In 2008,

…inspired by the good folks at Farfel’s Farm and the fact that I have a home for the first time since I was a young punk and by the fact that I needed to start growing up and be able to maintain at least one steady relationship in my life and learn how to raise a sentient being without being an assh*le…

…I adopted a dog from my local Humane Society.

Why rescue, instead of breeder or pet shop? Because something like 80 million pets are killed each year in the USA alone—an annual animal holocaust. Now’s the time, with a worsening economy, to take the leap and grab a kitten, old cat, old dog or puppy. Why? Because many pets are deserted when owners can’t afford to feed ’em–and adoption rates decline severely in times of belt-tightening economic woe.

So, thinking about getting a cat for a year, I’m gonna take me a trip out to the Boulder Humane Society with my half-hound, all-love Redford, and see if he and I get on with any of the kitties there.

Not in Boulder? Petfinder is a comprehensive guide to homeless animals near you, wherever you be.



Adopting a dog:


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