What are the best Eco (Energy Star) Refrigerators?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 18, 2008
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Where my big white fridge used to be stands a gaping hole, inadequately filled by a cheerful plant. I’ve gone refrigerator-less.

And I’m not alone, according no lesser an authority than the NY Times. Green-ies everywhere are “Trashing the Fridge,” using basements and coolers, shopping by the day and week instead of month, and generally going old school.

Having discovered in early August that the (at least) two year old fridge I’d inherited when I moved into ‘Hotelephant’ was the most inefficient thing in my slowly-greening home, I promptly sold it. 

It’s out the door—for $250 to a friend who was about to buy some older ones for some apartments he rents so. So now I have a gaping hole, a pile of mouse poo I just cleaned up with a couple of rain-damp scissored-up too-old towels, $250 bucks (I know, I’ll hafta save up a bit) and a question: what are the greenest, most environmentally (and financially) responsible refrigerators I can find and buy? And quick, my coffee (the only thing I consistently stock, as a confirmed eco-bachelor) is freezerless.

What are the top 10 eco/energy star refrigerators, from compact for college kids to fancy schmancy for rich people who need to show off? Please recommend where we buy them—local indie appliance store, instead of Home Depot?—and where they come from (if they’re shipped from China, is that eco)?


Bonus, via Ideal Bite: green refrigerator basics:


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5 Responses to “What are the best Eco (Energy Star) Refrigerators?”

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  3. tcabeen says:

    There are so many variables to consider. If I am only to focus on the energy consumption aspect, the answer is THE COOLEST GREEN MOD I'VE EVER SEEN. http://www.gassavers.org/archive/index.php/Chest-

    I share this link with everyone I can. Thanks for the opportunity to share it yet again. 😀

  4. Suzanne, I've asked green experts about whether better to keep using old one, less consumption of new resources etc, or better to get new smaller energy star one…they all say "get new." Apparently the old school ones are really inefficient.

  5. Thank you, I'll check it out now!