Sarah Palin so Dumb…Fox News (and Jon Stewart) said it, we didn’t.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 6, 2008
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Here’s the link to the incendiary, unbelievable, disputed, nail-in-coffin video. Of course, she could still rise from the dead to run for Prez, as McCain suggested the other night (click here for Palin 2012 video), in four and eight years—I’m not relaxing re: Palin’s threat to a truly free America anytime soon.

Here’s another link.

And here’s the video itself. You know something’s bad if O’Reilly and Fox are airing this stuff.


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2 Responses to “Sarah Palin so Dumb…Fox News (and Jon Stewart) said it, we didn’t.”

  1. admin says:

    David Lewis at 4:16pm November 6
    This is called reporting rumors, then spreading reported rumors. Why don’t we all stop doing that?

    “Who, like the parrot, becomes trapped
    by his own ability to speak?
    He who talks recklessly
    with no heed for the impact of his words.”
    –Dalai Lama No. 7

    John Hussein Nemes at 4:26pm November 6
    yes, it is spreading rumors, true, an yes- no good. but it is interesting how O’Reilly says “she can be tutored!!!” TUTORED? We should need to TUTOR our vice-president on North American Countries and the Continents? Wow! Can you just imagine if it would have been a LIBERAL who was so ignorant? O’Reilly woulda crucified ’em.

    Suzanne Townsend at 4:56pm November 6
    It’s all true anyway of course!

    David Lewis at 4:59pm November 6
    But the point it, these are rumors. They never should have been reported without careful checking and confirmation, and an attempt to get confirmation or denial from Pailn. They were started and spread on Fox News, presumably a news outlet sympathetic to Palin. That doesn’t matter. What matters is, this is atrocious journalism that just heaps more garbage on the public, something we scarcely need in the current political scene.

    David Lewis at 5:12pm November 6
    I mean do you know it’s true, Suzanne, or do you only know that you want it to be true?
    Waylon, journalism isn’t just linking and blogging and throwing stuff on the wall to see if it sticks.

    John Joseph at 5:29pm November 6
    As a journalist and a student in the International Affairs program at CU, I think one must ask if this news story is credible. Yes, it has the tone of rumor spreading – a result of a breakdown within the ranks of the McCain campaign. I also find O’Reilly to be pompous and often ignorant. However, considering that Sarah Palin studied International … Read More

    David Lewis at 7:03pm November 6
    As a journalist, you might note that this so-called reporting does NOT beg the question, “Is this credible?” It is incredible that a “reporter” would heedlessly spread rumors without any of the most rudimentary checks and balances, nor any concern for accuracy. Put the shoe on the other foot: If some anonymous, disgruntled Obama supporter told a reporter he knew for a fact that his candidate were a secret Muslim and some network news reporter reported it, would that be credible? Of course not. Any talk of “tone,” “patterns,” “credibility,” and so on, is bunk. This has nothing to do with Palin or O’Reilly. But I’m disappointed in Carl Cameron.

    Waylon Hussein Lewis at 7:14pm November 6
    I don’t hear Republicans complaining about Obama being called Muslim, or about McCain’s many insinuating ads (such as the one about sex ed for kindergarteners)…I think we all resent rumors when they’re about folks we like. So yes, we should fight rumors of any kind…but the line between rumor and hearsay, which can be credible, is a fine one.

    John Joseph at 7:59pm November 6
    Cameron was reporting what anonymous sources in the Palin camp told him: essentially, a gossip column on T.V. The question is how much you trust your news sources. I rarely watch Fox so I don’t know who Cameron is and how credible his journalistic practices are.
    I think the Republicans are using Palin as their trash bin now for their great (but predictable) disappointment.

    Again, as far as credibility, I think of a line from an old Elton John song, “The New York Times said God is Dead.” Most moderate to liberal readers of the Times take the information they receive at face value. But today we have a million blogs to read in addition to access to infinite news sources. We collate all of that information in our minds through the filter of our own bias and draw conclusions. The important point here is do you really think Palin was qualified for the job? In the Katie Couric interview did she simply just falter in the spotlight, or did it reveal her ignorance?

    David Lewis at 8:00pm November 6
    Dear Son,
    That’s baloney.
    1. I heard lots of Republicans object to the Muslim rumor, in fact, often on talk radio of all places.
    2. I’m not familiar with the sex-ed commercial, so I can’t comment. I do know, however, that McCain refused to pile on over the Rev. Wright deal, for instance, which he certainly did not need to do.
    3. Don’t give me that “line between rumor and hearsay” garbage. That’s nonsense. It’s sad, really. A real reporter would avoid either, precisely because there is a fine line between them. “Credible” means “believable,” which is a very low standard anywhere but in show business. What we all ought to be concerned with is TRUTH.
    We all ought to resent rumors regardless of whether they confirm our preconceptions or not. If you and other partisans believe that slander is all right as long as it furthers your cause we’re in for another four long years. After 16 years of the poisoned politics around Clinton and Bush II, that would be hard to take.

    Waylon Hussein Lewis at 8:47pm November 6
    1. Baloney? Play nice, daddio. More to the point, not enough—the Hussein insinuations were consistent & often came from folks (1 a policeman in uniform) warming up crowds @ McCain rallies
    They didn’t lay off Ayers, the ‘washed up terrorist,’ in an effort to distract from bothersome issues (like, say, the economy)
    3. You’re right. That it came from Fox News & McCain aides would I think make the report fair & balanced in yr Bush-voting view, but whaddu I know, I didn’t vote 4 the guy who created Guantanamo, the Bush Doctrine, so-called Healthy Forests & Clear Skies, or let his VP helm a brainless energy plan w/the closed door help of a roomful of energy execs.
    4. I love you, & will continue to enjoy getting challenged to research my knee-jerk Liberal views. You always are better informed & your standing for journalistic integrity, at the heart of this conversation, is awesome.

  2. admin says:

    John Joseph at 9:20pm November 6
    ooops, hadn’t realized I’d stepped between a father/son dialogue before the last two posts… interesting parallel can be found in this link below to a testimony about a vacation with McCain on Turtle Island in Fiji falsely attributed to Mary Kay Gamel. The information is consistent with rumors we’ve all heard about McCain’s awful temper and foul demeanor. The source has been re-attributed to someone else,but not truly confirmed. Depending on your point of view, the information here, or in Fox’s report on Palin, is a slanderous ad hominem attack or a validation of all that you previously suspected was wrong with the candidate…..

    Suzanne Townsend at 4:35am November 7
    Is all this fuss over Waylon linking to a Fox News clip? Isn’t it up to the readers to decide what is bunk and what is not? There is a lot of truth in rumours.

    Waylon Hussein Lewis at 8:20am November 7
    Really, it’s less father/son that awesome ethical journalist reminding young crazy journalist to check his sources. On that level I totally agree with Daddy. On political level, we see a bit differently, but that just forces me to know what the hell I’m talking about, which is a rare but welcome experience. Love the dialogue!