November 21, 2008

Gender Analyzer: is that a Male or Female Voice Behind your Favorite Blog?

While it may not be entirely accurate, this one’s entertaining. Gender Analyzer asks, “man or woman – who is writing that blog?” According to the site it was created simply out of curiosity and uses artificial intelligence (what does that mean exactly?) to determine if a homepage was written by a guy or gal. I typed in elephant journal a few days ago and we were more gender neutral than we’re coming up today. However according to this, elephant has more femininity to its voice than sites like Treehugger or Grist which I agree with. Then again, this is just for fun and according to the votes on the site, only is right a little better than half of the time. Indeed I gave ecofabulous a try and it was determined to be male. I wonder how the lovely eco-queen Zem Joaquin would feel about that? To me gender is way too subjective to ever be boxed in in such a way. Give it a shot with some of your favorite sites and see what you think at the Gender Analyzer site!

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