Buildering a New Tomorrow [urban climbing; videos]

Via Henry Schliff
on Dec 25, 2008
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Awesome. Of course there are Rock Monkeys…but then there is the Builderer movement. Not that a mountain rock playground like Boulder, Colorado—my hometown—necessitates scrambling up concrete walls, but for those without such easy access to quality bouldering, what a way to be inventive. I’ve gathered this has been going on for awhile, but just now discovered it on Check out their Video, Concrete Mountains at (sorry, can’t link to it as it’s a non-circulated video).

However here is a Video courtesy of YouTube and

Builderers lead-climb, top rope, and traverse anything that can be climbed, concrete, brick, etc. Take your pick. Explorers of the urban landscape, digging in with their fingers and toes. Alain Robert has some fantastic/extreme solos on large buildings. Talk about creativity! But I’ll let the pics and videos speak for themselves.

You can check out lots of pics along with this one at the Builderer’s pool on Flickr. And one of the few articles I could find on the subject right here…

Keep your brains outside the boxes everybody!


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3 Responses to “Buildering a New Tomorrow [urban climbing; videos]”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hey Winston, is that anything like Parkour?

  2. Henry Schliff says:

    Not exactly. And awesome video by the way. Builderering is a mix of bouldering and scaling buildings using hand and foot holds like one would use in rock climbing, with some adjustments of course.

  3. rorowe says:

    I've seen some CU students "buildering" (never heard that term until I moved here) on the walls of CU's Engineering building. Very creative use of walls. 🙂