Jon Stewart: MSNBC = Fox News. Video.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Dec 4, 2008
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Update: click image below for recent NY Times article on the two, O’Reilly and Olbermann, and their degenerative, money-hungry audience-baiting work.

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I’m a liberal not because I like arguing with the conservatives, but because I hold that what makes America great is not merely our wealth, our size, our military, Hollywood, fast food or even our people. It’s our Founders’ values: equal rights, freedom of speech, freedom (in fact duty) of dissent, separation of Church and State. While we may not fulfill those values in real time, it’s an ideal to work toward, and aspire to.

And so I don’t love watching Keith & friends @ MSNBC. I don’t need to hear my point of view parroted in a knee-jerk, self-righteous manner. The flip side of Fox News ought not to be MSNBC: it ought to be PBS, or some non-partisan entity that through dignity, respect, open mindedness and fair-play shines light on the daily news.

And so, once again, Jon Stewart speaks for many of us when he makes fun of the flip side of the bullshit Fox coin.



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6 Responses to “Jon Stewart: MSNBC = Fox News. Video.”

  1. claudia says:

    Yes!! I feel exactly the same way.

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  3. Andrew says:

    I really, really take exception to the equivalency between Fox News and MSNBC. First of all, Fox News has a blatant agenda to take down the Obama Admin. MSNBC does not have a blatant agenda to support it. Hannitty does nothing but toe the RNC party line, and Beck simply makes shit up, drawing lines from x to y that do not make any sense, using paranoia and fear to make his audience believe in shit that isn't remotely close to true.

    Keith Olberman serves as a necessary reaction to Fox News–no one on TV was doing it before him. But he does not toe the DNC party line, nor does he make shit up. Is he a libtardo? Obviously, and at least he admits it, unlike anyone on Fox News. Maddow, again makes no bones about being liberal, but she has been doing some really important on-site journalistic stuff in the Gulf and in Afghanistan.

    I realize this post is 2 years old, and John Stewart is hilarious, but to say that Fox = MSNBC is just simply inaccurate. I'm not necessarily touting the supremecy of MSNBC, although I definitely prefer it. Their "normal news" that is on all day is a joke. But Hardball, Countdown and Maddow are legit—not just leftist equivalence to Fox.

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