January 22, 2009

Blissed to be Sattvic – a personal Ayurvedic dosha analysis

Clouds above Hawaii from the “window-seat”.

Clearly, I’m the air and ether dosha vata in Ayurvedic medicine. Some tell-tale signs are my skin-and-bones stature and that I travel with the winds, leaving town every six months. I’m also an asthmatic…winds have gotten the best of me in the past. Thankfully, through regulated diet, deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and rituals such as always eating while relaxed, seated, and thankful, I’ve managed to balance out.

Learning how to surf has been a big help. Riding waves is the same as riding winds. Waves and winds are always passing through us and around us, and by being patient and letting go, we can easily go with the flow.

Like astrology, Ayurveda gives us vital information about who we are and where we are coming from; then it’s up to us to take charge with our free will and figure out the best way to use what we’ve got. Putting to use the knowledge we’ve gained is the most challenging part. It takes courage, determination, and discipline to follow our intuition, but as we all know, it’s worth it.

Sattvic means balanced and whole. As a sattvic vata, I am one with the universe, connecting to the peace and stillness that is inside myself and is inside each of us. Our nature is to be sattvic, just as our natural state is to be happy! We just have to allow it. Bliss – is – here – now! Always! Let’s tap in and enjoy it.

Lately, my roommates have introduced me to the Chinese Five-Elements system, which is quite similar to Ayurveda’s doshas. I am the element wood. Wood is constantly growing and expanding, always searching for a good cause to give it’s energy to. Wood is nourished by water and I suppose that’s why the ocean has become a healing part of my life. Wood is restrained by metal and my spiritual teacher in Boulder is a metal; he keeps me in check, reminding me not to go beyond my limits.

I love how all the different healing traditions link together. They all make so much sense, especially after the no-attention-span, quick-fix health care we are surrounded by in the west. Thank you to our ancestors for passing down this valuable information.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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