January 22, 2009

Fall 2009 Fashion preview: Gloom and doom!

The bubble of fun has burst for everyone. The recession is growing deeper into something worse, a big something called depression. The domino effect of greed now has it’s time to reign over our world and all aspects of life seem to be going along for the presumable ride of darkness… and we haven’t even hit the Tibetan Don season yet (this is the last ten days of the lunar year on the Tibetan calender. It is when all the negative karma from the year has accumulated and is manifested. It is a time to stay safe and lay low).

Fashion tends to mirror what is happening in the economy but it usually begs to offer a different tone, usually something uplifting when when we could all use it.  In past hard times we have seen designers taking a positive approach by trying to give people what they want like happiness and originality. Unfortunately it seems we have hit rock bottom and the designers now are giving us what we need. Protection and alliance. Individuality has been thrown out the door to replace an army of midnight soldiers. Heavy dark fabrics with razor sharp cuts, high necklines and full coverage seem to be the only things that has been offered so far by any of the major trend setting designers.

It is obvious that designers are offering up collections that mimic a terrified sense of non well being. As The New York Times put it “designers reacted by staging a mass memorial for themselves”.

To be honest we all scared to death.

“Who is going to survive? and who will be taken down?” Are just a few of the questions that seemed to ooze through the tight darts and tucks of the knee length khol colored coats offered up this season.

Looks like the Don season may be a longer season than we all are used to experiencing. What will happen to women’s fashion? Probably much of the same, we will just have to wait and find out.

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Read 16 comments and reply

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