January 8, 2009

Top 25 dance songs of 2008: A playlist (Including Cut Copy, Crazy P, Midnight Juggernauts and more)

This week I compiled my top 25 favorite dance songs of 2008. Most songs I got during my addiction to itunes. This mix has been heard by a few music lover friends of mine and then I edited it. I am hoping to give you a solid playlist for your dancing/chilling/partying needs. I am not sure how much this mix follows the mindful life but music makes people feel good. Please add a song(s) in a comment if I have missed anything crucial! ps- these are not in order of favorite but in order of play sequence.

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1. Into the Galaxy by Midnight Juggernauts from the album Dystopia. This is about as “gay dance rock” as you can get. It’s a bit like if Franz Ferdinand and Louis XIV had a love child at the disco circa 1982.

2. Let’s Ride by Gonzales from his album Soft Power. A talented Canadian artist who doesn’t take anything too seriously (in this record at least). He is an amazing piano player and has worked with the likes of Feist, Peaches and Jamie Lidell.

3. Ex-Lover by Friendly Fires from their self-titled debut album Friendly Fires. I just found out about this dance pop/new wave band about a month ago and I really like it. The little waves and pops added to a screeching (in a good way) guitar make for a good dance sesh. The simple chorus “You’re all I need” (In case you were wondering what the heck he is singing) proves that it’s a total love song.

4. St-Viateur by Fred Everything from the album Lost Together, released by Om. This is a head bobber for sure, even the most non-dancey person cannot help clapping their hands to these highly original and modern piano/synth/hiphop/African breakbeats. Go crazy on these samples!

5. Lie Lost by Crazy P from the album Stop Space Return. What can I say? It’s the best dance album (after Cut Copy) of 2008. The songs are smooth and familiarly retro. Bring in the car with you and sing aloud.

6. Anyway You Choose to Give It by The Black Ghosts from their self-titled album The Black Ghosts. These guys have supernatural powers of just getting you up from your chair and jumping up and down. You know when the music is so good all you can do is jump? Yeah… The guys are Londoners too. Go figure. Download their mix, it’s dope.

7. Say Aha by Santogold from her self-titled debut album Santogold. This girl worked for a big record producer, they never liked her picks (which killed her) so she decided to go off, make her own music while doing it her way ignoring what the record guys wanted. Now? Her album sales have skyrocketed (as well as a few law suits) with a little help from her friend M.I.A and Nylon Magazine. This song is perfect for harmonizing and to get ready to go out on the town. Shower, lipstick and a vodka RedBull please.

8. Olympic Airways by Foals from the album Antidotes. For the rockers out there this is it. Fast guitar, hard drums and sexy saturated British accents. This may be our 2nd trip to 80’s references but do not get confused this is very 21st century. I love their haircuts, drool. Olympic Airways music video.

9. Hold Me (Breakbot remix) by Pacific! from the album Pacific! (Remixes) EP. A knee-shaker on the train to work. Your headphones fill with quick drum beats and a catchy chorus to boot. The band is from Gothenburg, Sweden which is probably the hottest hub of dance music right now. Sweden rules.

10. The Look of Love by Sergio Mendes & Fergie from the album Encanto. This is a fast paced latin flavored rendition of the famous 1967 James Bond song. Fergie’s voice is Esthero-esque, soft, sexy and on tune perfectly. Swing your hips and groove to the classic Brazilian beats of Sergio Mendes.

11. Scandal (Zoned Out Remix) by Ultra Nate from the album G.S.T. Reloaded, Pt.1 (The Remixes). Turn up the heat with this tough girl house rock song. A good clubbing song for sure or for that perfect living room dance party where no boys are allowed until all the girls are properly drunk and half naked. Scandalous!!

12. Get Um Girl by Amanda Blank & Aaron Lacrate from the album Blow Remix (which may have been released first in 2006 but it says everywhere else it came out in ’08) . Bring it back to 1989 with this short little ditty. It’s got that same beat and background sample as “It takes two to make a thing go right” by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock. Classic dance rap to practice your old school moves. Kick it.

13. Black Flag by Duchess Says from the album Anthologie des 3 perchoirs. This song is a sweet embrace of hard electronica. I promise you can listen to this without wanting to pull your hair out and scream. These guys have been on the Montreal “secret scene” for years and finally we all get to have a taste.

14. Better Than Sunday by Ladyhawke from her self-titled album Ladyhawke. This song is my favorite cool-ass trendy Brit-pop song. Everyone will probably get up to groove to this one and you may even hear it on the radio. She adores Stevie Nicks, you can totally tell by her hair and the 1970’s rocker girl vibe of her music. Check out her drippy album art (and by drippy I mean watercolors).

15. Dance 2night by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake from her album Hard Candy. A club song for sure, this is the only Madonna tune I have liked in a long time. It’s catchy, non-repetitive and has a bumpin’ beat. Go girl!

16. Far Away by Cut Copy from the album In Ghost Colours. At first thought, standard electro pop trying to repeat the 80’s. On second thought, the music is filled with nuances and special sounds that grow on you ever so quickly. I have been listening to the whole album for over 6 months now and it is still fresh. This album was huge for the 2008 dance rock scene. Since the album release this Aussie band has picked up a global cult fan base.

17. King Comforter by The New Mastersounds feat. Dionne Charles from the album Plug & Play. This is some serious funk. Dionne Charles from the band Baby Charles has the pipes of a Nubian Goddess. If you like to get down this one will surely do the trick. Grab the parents, the family dog, and the cousin that swears he will never dance (he will). It’s a feel good song to the max. Shake your money maker!

18. Shadows by Hercules and Love Affair from the single Blind. This band has given us a new meaning for unconventional modern disco. Smart lyrics, live instruments and a lead singer that sounds like ice melting on a hot tongue (if we all had the hearing of canines that is). This song is a particular fave, but their whole album (self-titled Hercules and Love Affair) is really solid.

19. Simple Things by Tony Silipo feat. Lombardo from the compilation album St. Tropez deluxe. Lounge by the pool in your sexy bathing suit with your slushy drink and shake your shoulders. Don’t forget your suntan lotion cause despite the chill this one is a scorcher!

20. Pump Up The Jam by The Lost Fingers from the album Lost in the 80’s. I blogged on this Quebec band back in September. They take their gyspy swing and turn it into the wildest modern dance music that even the biggest music snob cannot help but love. Their cover of Technotronic’s hit song is worth a listen or two or three or four… Ahh! Just get the whole album you will not regret it.

21. Little Bit of Feel Good (Snr. Coconut Mix) by Jamie Lidell from the EP Little Bit of Feel Good. I would bring this Vegas with me. This song just feels lucky. bright lights and funky elevator vibes. The original is pretty good too.

22. Pat Pong (Solid Groove Mix) by Pest from the compilation album You don’t know released by label Ninja Tune. Way too cool for school, this Parisian dj rips it up. Get ready to get sweaty.

23. Glad I Met You by D. Gookin from the album When You Are Lonely Everybody Is A Celebrity. I originally heard a remixed version of this song on Radio Zero (check this site out for some of the best dance podcasts out there). It’s a bit spacey like some cute robot chick is singing to her boyfriend. The song is filled with loops, swirls and pretty beats.

24. Time To Let Go (GFCF Remix) by Sally Shapiro from the album Remix Romance Vol. 1 & 2. We are now entering the chiller phase of my mix. This is a pretty electronic lullaby. It could almost be played during a sexy slow scene from a 21st Century French remake of Flash Dance (we’re not worthy). Feel free to don your cut-off sweat top and leg warmers.

25. Vintage Circuits (Playmotion Remix) by The Timewriter from the single Vintage Circuits (With Theresa Baltimore). A haunting tech /deep house song that is nice for any kind of come down.

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