In a Word: Recycled Greeting Card Line Featuring Words With No English Equivalent: Yuen. Confianza. Uffda.

Via Lindsey Wolf
on Jan 25, 2009
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I really enjoy making cards for friends and when I don’t have the time to construct something of my own, I seek out special cards to buy. Two Hands Paperie here in Boulder is a new favorite spot, and back in Brooklyn I was a loyal Scaredy Kat shopper. However I was just tipped off this week to a new line from Connecting Dotz that I am loving as well.

“In a Word” is a new greeting card line printed on 100% recycled paper featuring words with no English equivalent from languages such a Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, even Klingon! According to the company’s site, inspiration for the line came from the fact that “half the languages spoken on our planet will be extinct by 2100. When a language dies, we lose more that a point of view; we lose traditions that connect people to place— and to each other. We lose deep cultural wisdom: myths and fairy tales, knowledge of plants and animals, humor, prayers, and recipes.”

In purchasing a card you also support a nonprofit organization such as Terralingua that promotes diversity in nature and culture.

Check out some of the sample words used below and see the Connecting Dotz site for the full line.

Yuen: a connection that is meant to be (Mandarin Chinese)
Ubuntu: The kindness and compassion which come from understanding each of us is part of a greater whole; sometimes described as “I am because you are,” ubuntu expresses a social and spiritual stance of respect, concern and compassion for one’s family, neighbors and ancestors (Xhosa & Zulu, South Africa)
Confianza: I believe in you with all my heart! This word expresses limitless support and enthusiasm for someone. Much stronger than confidence, confianza is like unconditional love, expressed as trust (Spanish)
Qapla’!: I wish you success! Used to wish someone a favorable outcome and great accomplishment (Klingon, from the Star Trek series).
Uffda: I’m sorry about what happened! Conveys compassion for another’s situation, be it a small mishap or major misfortune (Norwegian)


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9 Responses to “In a Word: Recycled Greeting Card Line Featuring Words With No English Equivalent: Yuen. Confianza. Uffda.”

  1. i dig it! always appreciate some wolf bloggage with some brooklyn references thrown in… nice!

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  3. Peter says:

    Great, original cards!

  4. Kitty Cole says:

    I love the Connecting Dots cards too. I bought about 25 and have only used about half. I can’t bring myself to give them to anyone. Love the concept, the colors and the quality.

  5. Rob Jacobs says:

    How original. i love these cards. Anyone interested in language will love them too.
    And did you see that Osani circle game photograph?

  6. Barbee says:

    Connecting Dotz’ fresh and colorful cards convey messages from cultures in such an elegant form. My favorite word cards are Confianza and Ubuntu.

    Check out the website and the Osani circle game photograph!!

  7. Camilla says:

    I love these cards. I used the Ubuntu card as a holiday card this year and it was a huge hit.
    Elegant, original and educational too.

  8. Babs says:

    These cards are fantastic. In a world where understanding of different cultures should be mandatory at all educational levels, these cards are the perfect and simply way to feel more integrated and become more interested in places near and far. And they are beautiful and colorful and just plain fun. Bravo!!

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