Obama’s “got some moves” on Ellen Degeneres Show.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jan 10, 2009
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An oldie but goody from back before we knew who we’d be calling Mr. President, I thought this clip might help warm these cold, poor, war-ful January days:

“You’re the best dancer so far among Presidential candidates,” says dancing food Ellen Degeneres.

“It’s a low bar,” replies the hip-swiveling, punch-throwing Senator from Illinois (whose wife ain’t half bad on the floor, either).



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8 Responses to “Obama’s “got some moves” on Ellen Degeneres Show.”

  1. Maggie says:

    Ohhh he’s just the dreamiest presidential candidate there ever was!!!!

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  3. Eddy says:

    “OH MY GOD” He dances?! How incredible!! It does’nt matter that he does’nt know a damn thing about running this country, Just as long as the masses of american idol watching,half assed voter’s like him then that’s all that matter’s!! Because after all.. The presidential election really is about a “media fueled & backed popularity contest” & not about the commonwealth of this country! Wake up morons!!!

    Liberalism & socialism is a slow painful road to despotism!!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks…for you enthusiasm, Eddy! You’re right, dancing is no qualification for serving as President of the United States, and a good thing too. That said, it’s nice to see a gentleman of such power and stature be able to relax and take himself lightly.

    One real qualification: odds are Mr. Obama will be better on funding education that Mr. Bush and Co…which looks to be just in time, judging by your punctuation, grammar, literacy, and lack thereof.

    As for the media-fueled bulls#$%, that’s always the favorite complaint of losers. You’ll remember early on that the media anointed Hilary as inevitable, and the others as not having much of a chance. That didn’t work out so well. Same with Dean four years earlier. The media is driven by stories, by the bottomline, and is 90% owned by big corporations, which have at least as many Republicans holding reins as Democrats.

    Obama, perhaps like Bush, is also strong on the humor front, which you appear to be lacking…but don’t worry, Eddy, while you’re right on one thing— ‘his moves on the floor’ do not make him Presidential—I think his promise to serve America in this time of need does. If he can help us to stay out of unnecessary foreign wars (which used to be a Republican issue), and put money instead into our economy, which sorely needs it just now, all the while protecting our liberties from domestic and foreign threats alike, while bringing some semblance of teamwork to our nation’s leadership…well hell. I’ll be not only proud, but happy.

  5. Sarah Miller says:

    suddenly i feel there might be a God after all… finally a president who can wind up the hips and find a freakin’ beat!
    (i think we’ve all seen the tragic clips of Bush attempting to dance with a W. African troupe on stage?! nuff said.)

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