January 26, 2009

The Revolution starts here*…click to begin:

You say you want a Revolution?

~R e v o l u t i o n  B a l l s~

New York City, January 31st 2008

San Franscisco, February 7th 2008

Honoring the Birthdays of the Brothers Shephard!

Do you know the Shephard brothers?

They are like everyone’s brothers who live in other places

(We miss them most of the time!).

Every four years Chris and Carl come together from their various places

and throw a Big Double Birthday Bash!

This year for their Birthdays, they want You*

Yes, You*!

Revolutionaries everywhere,





…the Indigo Girls are definitely invited…

This family,

this family,

these guys,

and YOU*

to come to their Revolutionary Party

that will celebrate the Power of Two,



and the Dawning of a New Age!

It is, you know…

(so let’s do somethin’*)

*something BIG!

You know, it’s really only a matter of time before this Revolution reaches the tipping point,

everyone everywhere is already talking about it (sort of)!

All we need now is to come together and make it happen!

Revolution has to come from the people!

*I’ll be in San Francisco with Rock the Healing Cuffs for Everyone!

Well, hopefully there will be enough to go around!

The first pair of Rock the Healing cuffs were made last July for Melissa Lockman of Jamaica Plain, MA out of this tapestry made by the people of Afghanistan and brought stateside by Melissa’s dear friend, Chris Shephard. Melissa had spent her year helping partner Mark, rehabilitate from a harrowing rock climbing accident.

(From their own account) “On Wednesday August 7th 2007 Mark Wiranowski led his cousin, a novice climber up the ‘Batman and Robin’ route right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Little did either of them expect that later that day Mark’s life would hang in the balance. On the descent as he scrambled to retrieve a rope, a fridge-sized boulder came loose and crushed Mark’s lower right leg.”

Friends helped them raise money for medical costs through Rockthehealing.org,

so we called Melissa’s cuffs “Rock the Healing.”

And how did the healing go? …you could say Mark and Melissa rocked it!

Mark’s back to climbing mountains these days…

I will form the rest of this Afghan tapestry into superpowered cuffs,

which we will call “Rock the Healing.”

I will bring all of my extra cuffs to the Brother’s Ball in San Francisco on February 6th.



there will be singing!

Maybe even some healing will occur…

Just get there!

Get there!!

Get there!

“…Now, wait a minute, Joana…” you’re saying, “how are you going to make all the cuffs?

Didn’t you just tell us last week that you needed a new sewing machine

but you had no money?


Below is the brothers itinerary for the New York ball, more on San francisco to follow later.

The Revolution is about brothers!

Here’s the link to the Revolution Ball website.

*Polaroids from my very brave, wandering family, with lveo.

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