There is no time…

Via Joana Smith
on Jan 9, 2009
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Lady Liberty, she's a girl we all know...

Lady Liberty, she’s a girl we all know…

She’s a little Egyptian,

The luxor obelisk is 3300 years old this year! Happy Birthday!

a little French,

she\'s a little french

part tree,

and part Cherokee.

She’s your mommie, your grandma,

she’s one of those girls who wears black and listens to the Smiths,

and she’s ready to give cuffs to everyone!

The Revolution of the Mommies is about brothers,

and it will be here on Elephant Journal*

in the coming months.

Please come!

(sidenote:The Luxor Obelisk is 3300 years old this year,

it was given to France by Egypt in 1833.

It stands in the place the guillotine stood during the French Revolution.

This year I am 33, and I happen to be starting a Recycling Revolution*

that would be a gift to America from France, via Boulder, C.O.!)

There is no time like the present.

*it’s about the mindful life!


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