To heal the earth: clear the blocks. turn off appliances. scrubdown. make cuffs*

Via Joana Smith
on Jan 27, 2009
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A little bird on NPR told me today

that the damage we have already done to Mother Earth is irreversible,

…bad news! Bad news!

We have messed it up!

To begin healing, #1: First clear the blocks so that the energy can flow!

After you have done that…

turn off extra appliances, please!

Then raise the water…

and scrub down with a good all-purpose Environmentally Safe Household cleanser,

such as Thieves.

After that’s done, put Abilene Plum down for her nap,

and make cuffs for your neighbor.

I like to make cuffs because it helps me focus on the smaller things

When I first started blogging, I worried that it would be too hard

letting people peek through this sort of keyhole into our lives.

But… “in every task that must be done,

there is an element of fun!

You find the fun and…snap*,

the job’s a game!

And every task you undertake,

becomes a piece of cake!

A lark! Aspree! It’s very clear to me….

A spoonful of sugar…



helps the medicine go down…

in the most delightful way!”


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7 Responses to “To heal the earth: clear the blocks. turn off appliances. scrubdown. make cuffs*”

  1. Heather says:

    I knew you reminded me just a bit of Mary Poppins! 🙂

  2. Ryan says:

    Yay! Nice to see you SMILING in some of these. I’m all for drama, but I was starting to worry about you…

  3. Donna Hester says:

    Being a BIG Mary Poppins fan I loved this post!

  4. Chuck says:

    Better and Better……I’m sorrow for the earth and the fact that some, like Tom Mc Clintock, a California State Senator, still call it “junk” science. “When will we ever learn”…..