February 10, 2009

Cuffs given to Revolutionaries at the Hotel California! Also: Boat found to take them to Golden Gate for rebirth!

The Rebirth Ball was hosted this past weekend in San Francisco!

It was big, but also small, and some amazing people got cuffs there!

The cuffs were a symbol of healing between our country and Afghanistan…

People were into it!

They said,  “we haven’t had that spirit here since 1969…”


There is actually an awesome vegetarian restaurant inside the Hotel California these days!

It’s called the Millenium and they support small farms, sustainable agriculture, slow food,

recycling and composting!

Chris spent a pretty penny to host the Revolution (NYC) and Rebirth (San Fran) Brothers Bicoastal Balls,

(money from when he worked in Afgahnistan for the USAID last year).

It’s almost gone now…

‘Cause everyone wants to be his brother!*

*the pie will have to wait!

I gave everyone my rock the healing cuffs,

and I got Rebirth Pie!

A good trade, I think…

“Rebirth” because…

its what’s after Revolution!

Construction of the Golden Gate began on January 5, 1933,

employing a workforce when the country desperately needed jobs.

They did a good job with it, I think.

Hey, who’s driving?


Next we stopped by Berkeley-

Nat, Erin, and baby SIlas’s place…

To give cuffs to Erin

-who teaches organic gardening to children.

Erin’s looking ahead…

…because it takes awhile for things to mature fully;

but even so…Erin says, “you can start to see progress right away!”



Until the next appointed time to give cuffs,

looking ahead…


lveo. peace~

The Smiths

Ps. Do you want cuffs?

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