Donald Trump says something smart and non-greedy!

Via Anna Gilkerson
on Feb 5, 2009
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I am not the biggest fan of The Donald, never have been and probably never will be. He has never given much thought to how his massive real estate developments effect local communities and their environment. That being said, I read a little ditty this morning in The New York Times that Mr. Trump is agreeing with Obama’s cap on pay for financial industry execs. Wow! Donald agrees with what??? He is is also annoyed with the banks that they are being bailed out and still not lending to folks who really need it but using it for other quite possibly more selfish reasons. Donald is really a smart money man (he isn’t the one really getting capped so it is probably easier for him to agree with the President) although I think everyone at this point of time is being effected no matter what.

Larry King: Is Obama right or wrong to go after these executives with salary caps?

Donald Trump: Well, I think he’s absolutely right. Billions of dollars is being given to banks and others. You know, once you start using taxpayer money, it’s a whole new game. So I absolutely think he’s right…

…Certainly, there’s been a lot of greed. There’s been a lot of stupidity. You know, like I say, today the banks don’t have money, they don’t loan money. But if you went to a bank two years ago and you wanted a $300 million loan, they’d say ‘No, we don’t want to do that, but we’ll give you $400 million,’ so I guess, to a certain extent, that’s part of the problem.

…We’ve never had anything like this before. It is absolute trial and error. They’re trying. The new president is trying. Bush left him with a mess — a total mess in many different ways. I really think he’s doing the best he can, but it is trial and error.

Hallelujah! Donald Trump.


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4 Responses to “Donald Trump says something smart and non-greedy!”

  1. Heather says:

    I love that you refer to him as “The Donald.” And thanks for posting this little tid-bit. It gives me some faith in the world.

  2. haha, there is always faith! :))

  3. Leitha says:

    NOT the first person I expected to agree with this new measure – but hey: If Donald Trump gets it, there’s hope for big business after all…

  4. Even a broken clock is right twice a day…