Heavyweight Yoga: Plus-Sized Yoga DVD.

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Making Yoga Accessible to the “Volumptuous, Obese, Elderly and Disabled.”

Review via T. McKinsey Morgan, from the Holiday 08 issue.


The title reminds me of prizefighters, Jumbo the Elephant or Hefty bags. Still, the prevailing image of yogis is slim, trim and without breasts—so I applaud Abby Lentz for creating a DVD for full-sized people. I especially liked her encouragement to “start with the body you have today.” Don’t have time to do the whole practice? The DVD is divided into sessions. The “Unable to Come to the Floor” session and “bed bound” tips are helpful for those unable to do conventional yoga. I enjoyed the soothing rhythm, and the savasana cool down exercises. Abby has a sincere and calming manner that will inspire full-sized (not heavyweight!) people to try a little yoga.

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21 Responses to “Heavyweight Yoga: Plus-Sized Yoga DVD.”

  1. volumptuous…if that’s a new word I love it.

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  3. Angela says:

    I love that there's a DVD catering for bigger people!! Did you read the article in the NY times today? http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/14/health/nutritio

    I also blogged about it – http://www.jiggaroo.com/

    By the way, I read your site daily and this is the first time I've commented (sorry!!). Better late than never? :p

  4. Personally, I prefer the moniker "Big Yoga", my own adapted yoga practice for larger bodies. Big, not only as in size, but also expansive, and inclusive of all the various approaches to yoga. My new book, Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies (Square One Publishers) will be out this fall 2009, and in the meantime, check out my Big Yoga Beginners Hatha 1 DVD, available online at Amazon or from my website.

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  6. I like this DVD. Does anyone know Abby's contact info and in what part of the US she lives?

  7. Meera says:

    To contact Abby: Abby Lentz [email protected]
    Cehck out my videos, same basic clientele. New book too. bigyogaonline.com

  8. Meera says:

    Oh PS/ Abby's in texas

  9. elephantjournal says:

    via http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal

    Marilee Reinertson Torres not the prettiest title but a much needed dvd:) yoga is an individual undertaking and is accessible to ALL and it is refreshing, comforting, inviting to see someone other than the slim and petite or hardbodied leading such instruction.the perfect and beautifully fit often discourage those in less perfect shape from even trying, this is a welcome approach 🙂

    Jessica Morris ‎"volumptuous"?? really??

    Tamara McMahan Moravec I hope people will be kind about this….it could really be an answered prayer….

    Tiffany Rice
    I am a wee bit offended by this. Being a "larger" woman and able to bend like a pretzel, I find it disheartening that being larger lumps me in the same DVD as the elderly, morbid obese and disabled. Just because my jeans are a size 14, does… not mean I am handicapped in some way, shape or form.
    We shouldn't need a separate DVD to address all sizes of people in society… and if a yoga video doesn't include all sizes, I won't buy it.

    Tamara McMahan Moravec I totally agree!

    Tamara McMahan Moravec ‎….and while we're at it: How rude is it that lululemon/athletica sizes stop at 12?

    Tiffany Rice I love their clothes! I wish they came in my size, as I tend to wear an athletic/sporty style. Oh well. Again, my money (aka my vote) can go elsewhere.

    Mary Tonningsen
    As a very plus size woman, I'm glad to see this DVD available. I take no offense that I'm lumped in with 'disabled' etc, because my weight does handicap me in many ways (especially in yoga class!). Tiffany, just so you know, size 14 is t…he average clothing size for American women and it has been for years, even before the obesity rate started to skyrocket. I suspect the new DVD was not meant for someone of your size, probably for someone of my size and in my condition (who really needs some extra help and the encouragement to keep practicing despite the difficulty of trying to bend when the belly gets in they way!)

    Kelly Murray ૐ i teach senior yoga classes. the biggest problem for my groups is not size, it's arthritic wrists and knees.

    Jennifer Dooley
    I agree @mary – i have done yoga for almost 30 years, starting when i was a thin little wisp of a girl. now in my middle years, i am MUCH larger, and cannot get into many of the positions anymore (in spite of still being quite bendy – the …fat gets in the way). a plus size yoga dvd would be of great benefit to many larger women because it takes into consideration the fact that many positions can't be achieved, and shows you how to get the most benefit from the positions you can achieve.

    @tiffany – as mary said, size 14 is average, and i could still do all the moves back when i was that size (i was originally a 10, but passed through size 14 on my way up and can tell you it was not difficult to keep doing normal yoga at that size). anyway – to each his own, if it doesn't suit you, don't buy it.

    i for one, will be looking to buy this dvd, because i wish to continue doing yoga as it helps to improve my health.

    Heather Landry-Dooks dislike the article intro but very happy the dvd is out, it would be so great to be able to go to a class for larger people.

    Anna Guest-Jelley I think this is awesome! I teach yoga for plus-sized people, and I love that there's an accessible DVD available (for my own use, too!). For more about what I do, check out http://www.curvyyoga.com.

    Kristin King Even if you're not statistically large, some poses are hard to get into at best or downright suffocating when you have boobs, and most instructors are androgynous body types with little experience to help.

  10. yoga dvd guy says:

    The important thing you point out is that people are ok where they are. The important thing is to have a full and rich life and to start where you are.

  11. All in all, I like her. Yes, I think she is dramatic at times, but it seems like everyday communication includes a little showmanship to convery your message. I'll tell you, she seems to have a great style! I like her!

  12. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

  13. Issa says:

    Good one. I thought Yoga is just for those who are fit or slim, but this really changed my view.

  14. mareynolds says:

    I bought the DVD and recommend it for all yoga teachers and larger sized aspiring yogis. Abby's students range from curvy to unquestionably obese, and some are quite flexible. She adapts poses and shows several variations. Her students adore her, and I can see why. I recommend this DVD to my large-bodied students, and I also show them the photo of Geeta Iyengar on the front cover of Yoga: A Gem for Women. Geeta is not a slim woman. It is encouraging to them. If you're really large, your self-esteem gets bashed in ways slimmer people are completely oblivious to. "Start with the body you have" is excellent advice.

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  17. Stink bugs says:

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  18. abiti da sposa roma says:

    Interesting look. I have learned, or remembered. Thanks

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