March 15, 2009

The Five Buddhist Precepts.

These are not commandments in the Judeo-Christian sense, they have nothing to do with morality but rather with mindfulness; they’re intended to help keep you in the present moment, and avoid the unnecessary creation of karma. We would take some version of these each morning during Dathun at Karme Choling.

1) refrain from killing
(Do not give rise to the view of extinction.)

2) refrain from stealing
(do not take what is not offered freely, including articles and photos that elephant journal has put time and money into unless you excerp, give credit and link, in which case we love it.)

3) refrain from lying
(do not exaggerate your level of ordination or knowlege.)

4) refrain from sexual misconduct
(don’t be a jerk)

5) refrain from the use of intoxicants
(do not use any substance in a way that clouds judgement.)

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Read 3 comments and reply

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