March 16, 2009

Yogadork, new fave site, asks: “Are all Yoga Magazines doomed to extinction?” Even big, popular Yoga Journal?

“elephant journal evades the reaper” by going online? Boooooyahhh, we’re goin’ New Media in da shizzle! Of course, I’ve had to compose a real-life country song…”Oooh I’ve lost my offices, lost my staff, put my house on the market (though I may just start a Green club, instead), I’ve given up my car (biking’s cheaper, more fun anyway), I’ve even closed my personal bank account, ’cause it kept bouncing.” But as long as I can sell books at the Trident and pay for (organic) dog food, I’m good, our web site’s growing fast (68K unique visitors & counting) and our talk show (with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, hopefully Congressman Jared Polis or Senator Mark Udall, ecofashion show & Paper Bird) is coming back to the Boulder Theater May 6!

Yoga Dork excerpt:

Are All Yoga Mags Approaching Extinction?Last week we mentioned the news of ascents descent into the print media graveyard at the end of this month, not a huge shocker in today’s newspaper and print death march – obviously it’s not just yoga mags going the way of the dodo bird. The Drishti Blogpointed out that those who still enjoy their yoga articles in tangible format will be hard pressed to find old faves, like Yogi Times and Namarupa, on shelves these days. Meanwhile pubs like Elephant Journal have evaded the reaper by making the necessary-for-survival cost-saving shift to online.  Those that are still standing are few:  Yoga Journal, which had its own slimming down (even online, which we didn’t quite understand); LA YogaFit Yoga; and new quarterly YogaMom (having it’s untimely launch last year)…

…click here for the rest, which is well worth it.

Seriously, we’ve writ on this old media forest fire or sudden chasm in the centuries-long journalist tradition. Who will sink, who will swim? Who cares. What I care about is a bit more basic: will journalistic integrity, investigative journalism, foreign bureaus and original research survive? Or will we all just echo chamber each other in the blogosphere, copying and pasting without attribution (which happened to us yesterday) like a bunch of twitter-happy lemmings? Who will hold Washington DC’s feet to the fire? Who will call it like they sees it, if we’re all just gawkering after traffic?

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