Seane Corn demonstrates ‘Body Prayer.’ Video.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 9, 2009
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seane corn

Having a crazy busy lazy day? I am. So let’s watch and learn, and use Seane Corn‘s inspiring, beautiful practice to help remind yourself to breathe. In and out!

“Daddy, if you’re watching”:

Seane Corn Demonstrates “Body Prayer” from Speaking of Faith.


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10 Responses to “Seane Corn demonstrates ‘Body Prayer.’ Video.”

  1. raganella says:

    I hope to hear Seane speak when she's in NYC for the Yoga Journal conference in May. Beautiful.

  2. Heather says:

    I truly love her energy, so pure and genuine. namaste! I hope to train with her in denver in nov.

  3. Laura Miller says:

    That was the prettiest Surya Namaskar B I think I have ever seen. <3

  4. Aron says:

    Beautiful Asanas. And she's hot.

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  6. Jody says:

    One of my favorite video's. I included it on my blog-post describing my journey to begin yoga teacher training……. It's about finding clarity in what I wanted to do and then taking that all-important first step. This video, Sean Corne, is such a great inspriation!

  7. […] but…looking at the fourth video in the series, I was shocked to see a young Seane Corn—yes, the Seane Corn, one of elephant’s longtime yogi friends and a personal mentor/friend and the world-famous […]

  8. Corner Sofas says:

    ‘`; I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information `’;

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  10. Euna Crippin says:

    Good job for writing this outstanding article, I think that if everyone can share their knowledge with others, things will become much easier. thanks!