April 25, 2009

Whatever Oprah touches turns…green?

Many of us believe in God, some don’t.

All of us believe in Oprah—we’ve seen and experienced the power of her “Yes!” to catapult a book, a person, a cause to the front of the line for America’s attention and passion. Everything she’s touched for years has turned gold. Just imagine, then, if we could harness that power…and turn our society green? Can Oprah make like Superman and save us…from ourselves? 

Coral reefs, in only 20 years, have half-turned to dust. Millions of acres of pine trees have died due to the expanding reach, and decreasing dying—both thanks to warmer temperatures—of the pine beetle. While Climate Change-deniers persist, I’d happy to personally invite any of them into a garage, turn the carbon-dioxide-emitting car on, and close the door. If they can come out after an hour saying there was no man-cause effect, no difference in atmosphere or effect on their health, we’ll I’ll buy ’em a New Belgium Organic Mothership Wheat or two or three or four, and we’ll call this whole green thing off. 

Look: this is about our grandchildren (something we allll care about, as Paul Ray reminds us). This is about 8455 species (and counting) have gone extinct and we’re just getting started. It’s time to get urgent, do our best in our daily lives to minimize the energy we use and pollution we create…it’s time to get mindful, and have fun doing so. But grassroots activism isn’t enough. And top-down leadership, while vital, can’t work unless they’ve got avid citizens ready to walk the talk. And that’s where Oprah going green comes in. Click below for a whole wealth of resources, and a shoutout for our friends at To-Go Ware.

I hope this is just the tip of the fast-melting iceberg…I hope we’ll see much more leadership and passion from the Saturn-gifting Matriarch of Planet Earth, Oprah.

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