May 16, 2009

Six Benefits of Getting Organized with Feng Shui.

Picture this…from the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you feel peace.

You have a morning routine and you breeze through your house like a soft wind, getting dressed, making breakfast, caring for your children, pets and yourself, staying present and feeling a sense of positive expectation. There’s a sense of flow in your home, you are comfortable and you are able to face challenges head-on with grace and purpose.

If that’s your reality, congratulations! If it’s only a distant dream, let me tell you that it may be closer than you know. Getting organized invites a certain flow into your life. It makes every day seem more manageable. It helps you stay in the moment and have the ability to really focus on what’s important to you. There are so many benefits and I’d like to highlight a handful of them.  Keep in mind that the goal here is as much about the process as it is about the end result. Feng shui is about working towards ideals and moving the energy towards positivity and expansion. That’s why I’m going to focus on the benefits of getting organized more than the perils of not being organized. Let’s take a look at what you’ll gain from facing your space head-on.

Flow: Organization is an integral part of feng shui. Feng shui is, ultimately, about energy flow. Clutter, disorganization and grime are all energy blocks. Those energy blocks can be removed with an investment of time, attention and sometimes, money. When you make a point of surrounding yourself with only the things you love and use regularly and you spend time caring for them, there’s going to be more flow in your life. Everywhere you look you’ll see things that remind you of love and purpose. You’ll be able to spend more time in appreciation. That’s why I focus first on organization, clutter clearing and a good green cleaning with my clients. All of those things set the stage for enhanced energy flow and allow space for new, beneficial things and experiences to come in.

Clarity:  When you are able to locate a specific item with ease, rather than spending valuable time searching for it, you have a sense of clarity. Clutter and disorganization generally creates confusion. The goal is to work towards clarity. When your clear your space, your mind can become clearer, too. Know that sometimes it’s best to ask for help from a friend or professional because they don’t have the kind of personal attachments to your space and your things that you do. They are more likely to come into your home or workspace from a place of clarity and be able to help you get there, too. Clarity can also be achieved from clarifying one’s diet, doing a cleansing and really making clarity one of your basic intentions in life. Focus on clarifying your body-temple, your relationships and your existence and you’ll experience a whole different kind of awareness.

Relaxation:  There are so many things that we do and deal with everyday. Ideally, your home should be a sanctuary and a place that allows for your body, mind, and soul to unwind and let go of all the pressures and frustrations of the “outside world”. When you spend just as much energy being frustrated and wound-up in your personal space, there’s little room for relaxation! People often go on vacation to get away from their homes. What about the idea of investing more time and energy on being IN your home and being comfortable there? When you have things set up so that your home is a wonderful and relaxing place to be, you’re vacations will be more relaxing, too! Plus, you’ll be returning to a place that really supports you and that you ALSO find to be relaxing.

Energy:  Here, I’m talking about “raising your vibrations”. If that’s setting off your woo-woo meter, please stay with me. The purpose of organizing is to raise your energy levels. When we focus on expansion and increasing our energy levels, we’re able to do more, have more fun, spend more time in appreciation and enjoyment. We have more energy to transform our negative thought patterns and feelings into ones that feel better. I’m talking about being “on top of your game”. That’s the goal, here. Getting to that goal requires that you focus energy, time and appreciation on your physical space because you are a part of it and it’s a reflection of you.

Time:  Yes, it takes time to get and maintain an organized, clear space, but it pays you back with a high ROI (return on investment). Disorganization can rob you of valuable time! Time wasted by searching, for example. Time spent running to the store to replace things you know you have but just can’t find (clean socks). Time spent pawing through your drawers and closets in frustration. I’m sure you have your own list. Let’s turn that around. What would you like to have more time for? If you can find it, get a piece of paper and pen and make a list! It’s time to start dreaming.

Opportunities:  When we let go of the things that are not currently serving us in a positive way, we allow space for fresh opportunities to come in. Letting go allows for receptivity. When your receptors are blocked by physical and mental junk, it’s much harder to receive. With each part of your space that you focus on, do so with the idea of allowing space for receptivity. Tip: make a list of nine things that you want to invite into your life. Perhaps it’s more of what you already have. I’m not necessarily talking about more STUFF. It could be more of a certain quality or type of person. It could be more time or energy to spend on a project. Use your imagination and intuition for this.

There are many more benefits to getting organized and I invite you to come up with a few of your own. Yes, it does take an investment time, energy and sometimes, money. However, the benefits are bountiful. Find some compassion for yourself. If you need help, ask for it. Often there’s a sense of shame that keeps people from seeking the help that they need. They don’t want anyone to see how cluttered their space has gotten. Most of my clients, during our first conversation, say that they want to do some organizing before I come over. I understand the level of unease, but that’s my job and area of expertise!

For how-to’s on getting organized, check out “Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui” by Karen Kingston. It’s the one that got me started and it’s an easy read. If you already have it, read it again! I would suggest that you buy it whether you hire a professional to help you or not. I also suggest that you make a point of setting up a system for success.

The gains that I spoke of, flow, clarity, relaxation, upliftment, time and opportunity can be yours if you make a commitment to continuously maintaining an organized and uncluttered space. It’s like the difference between going on a diet that you know you can’t sustain and making a lifestyle shift. I speak from firsthand experience. All of the things that I’ve suggested to you are things that I’ve done and continue to do in my life. Come with me and decide to make the shift!

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