Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Titans of Tech ft. Gwen Bell, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Brad Feld, Micah Baldwin.

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on May 14, 2009
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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis,
ft. the Titans of Tech:
Gwen Bell, Brad Feld, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Micah Baldwin.

This here video interview with The Titans of Tech took place at elephantjournal.com’s recent Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis (@elephantjournal) at the historic Boulder Theater. Featuring Gwen Bell (@gwenbell), Jeffrey Kalmikoff (@jeffrey), Brad Feld (@bfeld) and Micah Baldwin (@micah), we discussed whether how technology and money can be used for good or ill, how to best leverage social, community-based and environmental change, and how to use social media (Facebook, Twitter) to build open, inspired communities…and how “What’s cool about tech?” is a terrible question, particularly if you’re channeling Micah.

There are many titans of tech in Boulder alone—but these four are among the tech community’s leaders both in Boulder (the Silicon Valley of social media), and nationally.

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Video. (Mamma, be sure to click full-screen symbol, the thing that looks like this:full screen symbol )

Walk the Talk Show: Titans of Tech Forum.


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6 Responses to “Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Titans of Tech ft. Gwen Bell, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Brad Feld, Micah Baldwin.”

  1. Micah Baldwin 2 days ago
    What a fun panel! As I said at the panel, feel free to contact me any time – cell 720-231-7120, twitter.com/micah (twitter), learntoduck.com (blog) and, of course, lijit.com!

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  3. greenergirl says:

    I have to move to Boulder – you guys got it goin' on.

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