May 12, 2009

Wend Magazine: Green equals Green.

Over the last few months, I’ve been thinking about running for City Council. Seeing that my dream of a green talk show to spread the mindful gospel to the masses may not manifest, like water I gotta flow and find another way to effect some change with this all-too-short life of mine. ‘Cause god help us, Mother Earth needs our global society to bring itself in line, in harmony, with what our only planet can handle…or we, not the earth, will be the ones to pay the heaviest price. 

If I do run, my campaign slogan (printed on compostable yard signs) would be “green = green.” That is, anything that Boulder, my hometown, can do to save (think, xeriscape) or make money (think, eco tourism) by going green, we would do. And of course “green” includes the notion of “local,” so we’d work to find ways to encourage Boulder citizens to spend their hard-earned “green” in Boulder, and ideally at locally-owned businesses, thus keeping our local economy strong—and avoiding having to cut our social services etc over the next year. It would be my aim to encourage our populace to see “green” as something practical, money-making and money-saving. Something we turn toward—not away from—when times are tight, the economy is down, and we need to work hard to keep our budget sustainable.

Wend magazine, one of the last great “green”-minded print magazines, also has a great web site. Recently, they posted on another great example of “green = green.”

Click below for the article:

…The strict fuel efficiency measures are expected to reduce annual fuel us by 12 billion gallons. What kind of steps does it take to make such a reduction:

  • Flying at optimal speeds and altitudes
  • Reducing fuel use on the ground
  • Decreasing weight of plane by reducing weight of food carts and magazines in seat-back pockets
  • Cutting contingency fuel from 5% to 3%, which further reduces the overall weight of the aircraft

These may sound like small steps, but all in all they are projected to save $16 million annually...for the rest, click here.

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