June 28, 2009

Baby, You Have To Leave This Town.

Last week we went flying on an airplane to Boulder, CO,

we had a party to get to.

But when we returned home,

someone had cut down four trees in the garden!

They told us that it was to help the big, old, sick tree in the center of the garden get more water.

It’s just the way it goes, they said.

It kind of reminded me of the airline industry…

but even though air travel is a huge polluter,

it’s so much more convenient.

…and, if we did anything else, it would be like going back in time.

might not be all bad…

…traveling can be an art.

When we got home

your letter was waiting.

We miss you.

and your stuff.

Lately, we’ve been packing up all our stuff…

because we are moving to a new place.

but it’s not ready for us yet.

So we have made some plans…

that will allow us to get to all our family reunions

and still see you!

I told my mom on the phone today that we were planning on taking the train,

And she told us no, that we couldn’t.

“It will be too hard for you.”

But we are already good travelers.

Mom, I want to you to know that

to fly, we would be putting .26 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere;

to train, it’s .056 tonnes of C02 – five times less.

These numbers really do impact our lives.

Our decisions effect the health of the planet.

We need to start learning how to travel light.

We can break the mold that says it’s all got to be about the destination…

And we won’t even get our liquids thrown in the garbage if we forget to take them

out of our bag before going through security.

(at least it was not a complete waste…)

We won’t make it to every place that we wanted at every appointed time,

but eventually, we will see every one. (we hope)

And collect some valuable stories

(and treasures!)

along the way.

Then we will turn back for home…

to stay for awhile

with all of our stories in our pockets.

LVEO. peace.

~The Smiths

See you soon!

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