Michael Pollan re: How to Communicate “Green” to the Masses.

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Jun 22, 2009
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elephantjournal.com founder Waylon Lewis interviews Michael Pollan re: how to communicate “green” to the masses, why he eats meat, GMOs, cancer, diet, Swine Flu & Michelle Obama’s organic garden. Sponsored by Gaiam.

A few weeks back I got to interview one of my idols (as I mention in the first moments of the interview)—Michael Pollan. Michael, along with Alice Waters and a few thousand farmers and farmers’ markets, has led a growing movement to reclaim our food from the growing danger of agribusiness. It’s simple, really:

eat food, not too much, mostly plants

as Mr. Pollan puts it in his N.Y. Times best-selling books Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. Cook more. Buy less processed food (food with less than five ingredients).

Even if your idea of being a foodie is, like me, putting together some organic veggie nachos, you’ll dig how eloquently, warmly and straightforwardly Michael Pollan communicates to the masses. For while I, and many others, struggle to express our eco-vangelism, Pollan is (in my view, along with Malcolm Gladwell, Elizabeth Kolbert, and Bill McKibben) a consummate writer.

With thanks to our sponsor Gaiam, and Naturally Boulder for hosting, Sylvia Tawse of Fresh Ideas Group for connecting Mr. Pollan and I, to Deb Fryer of Lila Films for filming at last moment and Alex King of Mito Media for his creative, stylish editing as always, here’s part I of II.

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Without further adieu:

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis: Michael Pollan.


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33 Responses to “Michael Pollan re: How to Communicate “Green” to the Masses.”

  1. Ken Oatman says:

    Thank you for sponsoring Michael's important message. Especially that last line about listening to farmer's first.

    Minor, side note: The editing style, while artsy, initially made me think Michael and W. were in different cities. It was a little discombobulating to see they really WERE eye-to-eye! IF they are in the same room, why the split screen …?

    • this should help explain. Question via twitter:
      Chris: enjoying the interview btwn @elephantjournal & michael pollan http://bit.ly/10sDiD but what's w/ editing? waylon in 1930's style film?

      My answer, on twitter:
      @elephantjournal: one of our cameras was ghetto, horrible, don't know why…so my editor had to make do. I liked it, though odd.

  2. That should be: Without further ado. Adieu entrusts someone's care to God, as you don't expect to be able to see them again to care for them yourself. One hopes that, like most bloggers, you're hoping for repeat visitors.

  3. Victoria Hart says:

    I like this author and will check out his book. I would like to hear people, across the board, including this discussion, refer to Diabetes as Type 1 or Type 2, they have clear discernibly different characteristics and etiologies….Type 2 is specifically related to poor food choices and lack of exercise.

  4. alex says:

    Odd is what we do best.

  5. alex says:

    I am amused by looking at Waylon and imagining him as a Luis Bunuel surrealist character.

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  9. J says:

    Could you tell me the name of that local Italian family farm that is mentioned in your video?

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  11. Deborah says:

    Fascinating comment by Michael regarding the fact that Monsanto leaders actually really believe that what they are doing is good. I've been struck by the fact that the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society has gone in and taught Monsanto executives meditation. I scratch my head on this one, but I guess it goes to show that it can take a lot of practice to open the mind to reality.

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  14. Thanks for posting this! Will spread far and wide!

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  21. Christy says:

    Loving these interviews Waylon, glad I found you! And, love the name! I’m a proud walker of the talk myself 🙂

  22. Mary Donnery says:

    Great interview Waylon. Love the "artsy" split screen ….peace:)

  23. great stuff waylon! maybe edit out some of the outtakes? personally i am listening while doing work so the video part is minimized.

    really enjoyed the candid conversation about michael's background and thinking about eating.

  24. We weren't working with our regular crew, that time, thus the split screen (one camera was inexplicably set to b & w, so my editor got artsy with it). Loved meeting MP, though!

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  26. I love this. Of course. Nice work.

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