Smart Grid City. Who’ll be the first?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 11, 2009
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smart grid city

Who’s the Smartest City of them all?

Via Huffington Post GREEN comes this instructive writeup on the five cities that are racing to be the first “Smart Grid City” in our 21st century US of A. While saving electricity may not be uber-sexy, the notion that we could save 20% of the electricity we’re using right now just by implementing some commonsense efficiencies now means we could…well, go to war for oil 20% less. Remember: for now, our power and fuel and electricity and gas come from 98% non renewable resources. Excerpt:


The nation’s electricity industry is in for an overhaul. Power lines spread across the country are finally moving into the digital age with smart grids that provide instant information on energy consumption.

The hope is that people can finally deal with the impending climate crisis by using less energy. So smart grid leaders are creating thermostats that cut off depending on the price of power — and plug-in hybrid cars to charge at night or even put power back into the grid. Barack Obama’s stimulus package contains about $4.5 billion in grants for smart-grid investments.

Here are five ongoing Smart Grid projects:

Boulder, CO: Boulder is aiming to become the world’s first smart grid city by the end of 2009. The city has partnered with Xcel Energy on the $100 million effort and customers can use the Internet to lower their thermostats or home or change the temperature on their furnace.

Worcester, MA: National Grid will be building a smart grid pilot in Worcester. The pilot, believed to be the largest in New England, will work towards creating a highly reliable modern grid that can provide customers with energy use information, automation, and the ability to control how they use energy.

Miami, FL: Energy Smart Miami, an energy…

…for the rest, go to Huffington Post GREEN


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2 Responses to “Smart Grid City. Who’ll be the first?”

  1. EvanRavitz says:

    Not quite, Way. Very little oil is used to generate electricity. This will somewhat reduce climate change, but not war for oil. Xcel said they'd spend $100 million on Smartgrid in Boulder: $1000 for every person in this city of 100,000. For that money we could have built a wind and solar farm and saved far more. I was the only person to oppose this at City Council, but famed activist Harvey Wasserman spoke against it at the World Affairs Conference. A week after Xcel offered the $, Council ended their investigation into "municipalizing" (the opposite of privatizing) our electric system, which would have made us independent of this out-of-state corporation now building a new coal plant near Pueblo, which we'll pay plenty extra for when carbon is capped and coal becomes more expensive to buy for that and other reasons.

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