Drink Your Prana. [The Necessity of Pranic Water.]

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picture-2by Sarah Miller

Think about this: your body is made up of almost 80% water. To maintain a healthy body, we know that drinking enough water is essential. But what about the quality of the water that you are ingesting? Stay with me, this gets deep….

In order to ward off serious diseases, studies show that the body needs to stay relatively alkaline. the best ways to keep the body alkaline are by eating lots of cooked greens and whole grains as well as healthy proteins and whole fruits and veg, staying away from sugar, alcohol and coffee and of course drinking lots of pure water. (Exercise and sufficient rest are also prerequisites.)

Let’s say that the water that you drink every day is NOT alkaline though. How can you easily  maintain your alkalinity? What if you do all the above to maintain a healthy, alkaline body, but your water is making your more acidic?

Just like foods can be considered alive (full of prana), ignorant (prana-less) or dead (leftovers/packaged foods), your water can be considered the same. Bottled waters are at risk of being dead anyway- but if they were never alive to begin with….there’s no way you will benefit either. Distilled, processed and filtered waters are dead. They haven’t been connected to the source (or Nature) in a very long time. Not surprisingly, they also are acidic when tested for PH. If you consistently hydrate with acidic, dead water, you will be at risk of health problems. In Ayurved, we consider a lack of prana the root cause of all disease. picture-51Lack of prana (or life force) indicates lack of life in general.

Pranic water is alive and directly connected to an earth source and has been purified naturally by Nature. It has not lived a life of artificial purification nor had an extensive shelf life. Natural, spring water is clearly the safest, purest route. Make sure your water is unadulterated, from a natural source and check to make sure it has a PH of 7.5 or higher. Water like this is full of minerals and naturally supplements the body. They also naturally alkalize the physiology and help you maintain a healthy existence.

You will begin to taste and feel the difference. It’s really remarkable.

Two of the best (if not the best) US sources of pure spring water are:

Mountain Valley Springs -Has an extremely high natural mineral content and is considered one of the most potent sources of natural spring water available on earth. It touts itself as the water of “kings and presidents alike.”

Eldorado Springs– A high quality natural spring water source that is quite close to home for most of Colorado.

*Thank you Vaidya Mishra for giving me the idea of pranic water and for being a pioneer of health.

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4 Responses to “Drink Your Prana. [The Necessity of Pranic Water.]”

  1. Ann says:

    Love Mountain Valley water. I remember our distributor saying even their dog's health improved after they switched to this more alkaline water. Thanks for the good information.

  2. Annie says:

    The Problem with ALL the articles I am finding on water, is that NONE of them addresses the concern of FLUORIDE IN MY WATER. I drink distilled water, with added minerals, and that is because I cannot afford a reverse osmosis system and distilled water is the only other source WITHOUT FLUORIDE. Bottled spring, drinking, whatever water has fluoride and I don’t want that. I’d like to keep my thyroid healthy, thank you.

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