elephantjournal.com reviews: Shoyeido natural incense.

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on Jul 31, 2009
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Gourmet Incense Chai

Shoyeido natural incense: a Natural Tradition

Incense is toxic when burns—unless it’s natural. Try Japanese / Boulder-based Shoyeido, in the biz since 1795.

~ review via  Maron Greenleaf

Shoyeido has been in incense since 1705. But they’ve only recently realized that names like “Great Origin” and “Golden Pavilion,” leave us cold. Want to make it with the Whole Foods crowd? Try “Chai” (which has somehow entered the American zeitgeist). Best of all, they’re still made from natural ingredients—unlike most toxic allergy-causing brands.

Review first appeared in elephant journal, Spring 2007:



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2 Responses to “elephantjournal.com reviews: Shoyeido natural incense.”

  1. Shawn Collins: Yay Shoyeido ( a 400 year old company !!!!) and yay to Yuji Matsumora who runs the company here in Boulder!!! Best Japanese incense ever!

  2. MaryJo Wheeler
    I didn't know, until I found out I had emphysema, and my GOOD incense from Tibet, caused bronchitis and the need to be on oxygen continuously for 6 days! No more of any kind of incense for me!

    Mary Yamada
    Try burning it for just as long as you need to fill your water, etc, then snuff it out.

    Mary Fitzsimons
    We made incense in Nepal one year using Terton Mindrolling's instructions. All the ingredients were pure and non toxic and our incense was amazing. Problem is that a lot on incense is made with wood shavings from the floor of carpentry shops, including plastic resins and varnishes and Sal and Rhododendron wood which are toxic when burned . The colour of the ash on your incense in a good indication of its purity, it should be white.But all smoke will damage your lungs no matter if its pure aloes.

    Sandy Jones
    can't handle it either….makes me choke. and throat close up. I love the smell but….

    Bryan Bowen
    product of combustion…generally carcenogenic.