(Frat) Boys will be (Eco) Boys. Only in Boulder?

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 29, 2009
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Goodbye, Solo Cup. Hello, Solar Panels.

A New Image for Fraternities?

Kappa Sigma goes Solar, rescues helpless puppy: an Only in Boulder moment?


You know solar is beginning to make sense when it reaches beyond the environmental crowd and straight into the heart of mainstream, just-wanna-have-a-good-time America. Kappa Sigma’s Boulder, Colorado chapter leads the way.

Boulder, Colorado) Yesterday, I was biking my way with Redford, my half-hound, for a grouchy black-coffee and best-in-Boulder pastry-fueld brunch at Burnt Toast, an eco-ish favorite restaurant of mine in Boulder, Colorado. On the way, we caught a chocolate lab, running wild and free, called his owner, and returned the dog to his master. I mean, guardian.

We then ran into a big tall wide frat boy with a little new puppy. Man, this guy should be the spokesman for a Reformed Image of Fraternities Everywhere. He casually informed us that he’d adopted the little two-week-old pup when he’d seen in “in a bag” carried by the Rainbow Children, who were in town last week. Said Frat boy then said he’d told the Rainbow children he’d like to adopt the pup, give it a better life that perhaps they couldn’t afford. Seeing as how The Children had a whole litter (not responsible parenting, Children, considering Humane Societies are over-full across our Nation—and you know what they means for the un-adopted). They readily assented.

solar panels frat house boulder colorado

I then pointed out the solar panels lining the big Frat House he stood in front of. Or, rather, behind.

This your House, I asked?


Why’d you put in panels, I asked, expecting an uninformed, unenthusiastic response.

Well, see, Colorado passed some rebates that made ’em only cost 50% of x, the payoff would happen over x years instead of y, the Order gave the go ahead and it starts paying off in only a few years. Only cost us xy. He knew what he was talking about, and said it all without a trace of giving-a-shit–in a good way. They’d done it, after all, “just ’cause it makes sense.”

Finally, I asked him the name of the frat. My friend Lindsey said, why, you gonna do a blog on it? Yup, I said.

kappa sigma frat boulder colorado


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13 Responses to “(Frat) Boys will be (Eco) Boys. Only in Boulder?”

  1. Mary says:

    Just a few news articles from that "other" school!


    (I'm an alum and a little proud!)

  2. Joe says:

    The only difference is your school used taxpayer money and the fraternity used their own money.

  3. swati jr* says:

    just don't drink their kool-aid.

  4. Karina says:

    They are pretty awesome guys, not your typical frat boys… KUDOS to Kappa Sigma! One of the best fraternities on campus! 🙂

  5. Neil Robertson says:

    I'm a recent alum of this fraternity and they truly are a breed if their own (in a good way) and changing many of the notions of what a "frat boy" is. Way to go guys! Proud to see that!

  6. Alex says:

    yeah and it's colorado state so it doesn't matter

  7. Dan Whitney says:

    Who designed that solar system? It looks AWESOME!

  8. Erin says:

    The install was performed by REC Solar. They are a nationwide solar provider with a local branch. They are professional, helpful, and very knowledgable. If you want more info check out http://www.recsolar.com

  9. mary says:

    …nor can you spell, how'd you get into college?

  10. elephantjournal says:

    Bummer to hear on all counts.

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